Ask Leo: How can I make an income working online?


By Leo Notenboom

Is there a way you know that a person can “make an income” on the computer,
without being a computer nerd?

This is actually a very tough question, without a truly simple answer.

But it’s a very common question, and perhaps even a more common unspoken

I mean, to sit at your desk use your computer and make money … sounds
wonderful, right?

Well, it’s difficult. It’s absolutely possible, but…

Those Offers? Chuck ‘Em

First off, just throw out any of those offers you may stumble into that
offer to pay you to work on the internet at home.

I’ll say it again: throw them away. Now. Without a second thought.

I don’t care if it’s supposedly filling out surveys, clicking ads or what have
you. Particularly if they won’t tell you what the work really is until
you’ve paid them.

Their goal is not to make you money, it’s to
take your money. And sadly many people in desperate situations
fall for them every day.

There may be a few good offers out there, but there are SO MANY SCAMS that
you really do have to ignore the entire category to stay safe.

It’s All About You.

Ultimately what you can do to make money on the internet depends on you…
what your skills are and what your passion is.

Accept that you are an expert at something. I’m dead serious on this. I
don’t know what it is, perhaps even you haven’t yet identified what it is, but
you are a smart guy and good at many things. Somewhere in there is something
that you can absolutely capitalize on.

The Charateristics You’ll Need

Technical knowledge isn’t really as important as you might think, however
what is important is passion, patience, patience, a deep willingness to learn,
and persistence.

Passion: people are most successful when they follow their
passion, and nowhere is that more true than on the internet.

I do what I do because I love technology and helping people. It
started out as a hobby with no real financial goal, and yet it’s been very

There are lots of stories like that out there. By aiming at your true
passion, whatever that might be, the other requirements (patience, patience,
learning and persistence) become a lot easier to accomplish and often
downright fun.

Problem is most people don’t really know their passion, or if they do, they
don’t believe that they can make money from it.

  • Patience: with the system and with computers and software.
    If you’re easily frustrated with computers this will not serve you well.

    Computers are computers; they (or you) will screw things up. Sometimes
    online systems you’ll use will make NO sense, but you’ll need or want to use
    them anyway.

    Suck it up, find a way to make peace with that, prepare for it, even
    enjoy it and you’ll have a much more successful online career.

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    1 thought on “Ask Leo: How can I make an income working online?”

    1. What a great article! I really do think that persistance and patience really do pay off. It is no easy road and anyone who says otherwise is probably trying to sell you a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. Keep going, that’s all I have to say!
      Thanks for the great information,

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