5 thoughts on “Malware Minute: Email Scams Still Alive & Phishing”

  1. Oh one more thing, I have been warning a friend of mine about his “internet girlfriend” who he hasn’t met that the person could be a scammer. He denied. When he asked me to fix his pc to find out what was causing the pc to slow down. I bumped into few logs that he saved the conversation (Yeah I know to break privacy). What I found was that the person he talked with via yahoo messenger is a confirmed scammer. My friend has sent some money via Moneygram and Western Union. One day he came over to my place to have document scanned for the detective (in Nigeria) to investigate the scam. He had lots of paper and after he left, I investiaged those scanned documents, which were still in my pc. To my amazing suprise, he had sent about $48,000 over the 3 year span to Nigeria! One instance involved bank to bank transfer of $38,000 (got from 2 separate loans). Sadly, my friend still doesn’t listen and let his money run dry. I was told that he is now blocked from sending money via Western Union.

    Oh man…

  2. Yeah, I keep getting those scam emails often. Even been getting IM’ed via yahoo messenger. One of the scammer has failed to provide me the “valid” FBI id badge through email. The photo showed the photo of Scully from XFiles. What a dumba**…

    I still talk with those scammers and play games with them by providing bogus address, bogus birthday date (Feb 31, 1958 – which they still believe that this date is valid), and other bogus information. They even asked me to go to western union. So I told them that I “did go”. I waited a moment and told them that there is traffic jam going on… the “situation” is the ant crossing. The officer walked by and told me that its illegal to kill rare ants so had to wait for them to finish crossing. the scammer said “ok and will wait”. Where the heck is their brain?

  3. I’m so amazed that anyone would expect me to believe that millions of dollars (never pounds!) are coming my way so easily!

  4. I had two worst than that They too were invoked in the name of the head of the FBI. But threatening my arrest unless I sent money to a recipient in Nigeria. Kind of shady sounding to me.

  5. Most of the Nigerain scams that I get are now South American. I even had one recently that invoked the name of the head of the FBI (approval of issuance of a ATM card to transfer the money)

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