Malware Minute: Facebook App Pages Serve Up Javascript & Spam

By GFI Software

There’s a nasty round of Facebook app pages dabbling in Javascript shenanigans to spam Acai Berry diet pages on your profile walls. Simply visiting these pages while logged in is enough to post some spam, most of the pages involved promising (surprise, surprise) a video to watch:

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If you try to navigate away from the above app page, a message will pop up claiming you’re about to “corrupt the Flash install”. Total nonsense, but it’s just enough to result in something like the below being posted to your profile:

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“I am living proof that this works”, claims the “facebook sponsored weight loss product”. No sign of anyone yelling “Beefcake, Beefcake” but let’s dispense with the South Park references and see where the spam link leads to:

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Oh look, a fake news site touting logos from various news sources. Needless to say, you don’t want to be handing over any money for the above. Though the code in the below screenshot may look like a load of tech related jibber-jabber, you can still see many pieces of text used for the various spam messages:

2 thoughts on “Malware Minute: Facebook App Pages Serve Up Javascript & Spam”

  1. You must enable platform applications????
    That’s how most of those scam artists have been getting in there isn’t it?
    I never allow that %*&# on my FarceBook.

    I can only imagine how many unwitting FB people have been scammed. What a sin 🙁

  2. I had to re-install my system because of this crap, when all I had to do was uninstall Java as my PC runs quite well without Java.

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