More of Steve Bass’s Time Wasters


By Steve Bass

The next time you start kvetching about Windows crashing and threaten to switch to Linux, consider what computing life was like in the 1970s.

Check these weird clouds that you’ve probably never seen; then look at images of optical effects — glitter paths, sky pools, sub-surface caustics, and aureoles — that are dazzling. (Thanks to Leo Feret.)

weird clouds

Weirdness in nature

It’s only a light show — but it’s absolutely mesmerizing. (Thanks, Chuck.)

We drive an ancient, often rickety Roadtrek. These are highways I’d rather avoid.

Cat bowling! (Somehow I know this is wrong, but I watched it twice.)

Paper Canon is a noisy, fun game that challenges you to fire a cannon at cute bunnies that are unable to defend themselves. [Annoying that you need to watch an ad… Copyeditor.] [Get Ad Muncher. –SB] There’s no time or ammo limit, perfect for those of you with poor motor skills. Hold down your left mouse button to aim and fire. [Um, what’s the point? I bonked a couple of bunnies and nothing happened. –Copyeditor.]

Fire the cannon and nail the bunny

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3 thoughts on “More of Steve Bass’s Time Wasters”

  1. Quote: “I bonked a couple of bunnies and nothing happened.”

    Just to inform you, ‘bonked’ means something completely different on this side of the pond, wouldn’t want you getting into trouble lol

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