Crisis in Japan – Help List

All of us are focused on the horrible tragedy unfolding in Japan as a result of the recent 9.0 earth quake and crushing tsunami. Descriptions fall short. We feel the sadness and try to deal with these feelings as we watch the Japanese people struggle through this time. Although we are removed, being human, in combination with today’s technology, insures that we are emotionally involved.

I’ve gathered some useful information and links. I know all of us hope that the world will join in helping reduce the suffering as quickly as possible.

Japan has a population of over 27 million people with most of them situated along the cost. The population density is 336 people per square kilometer.

Please list any additional links that you feel should be added or that you have found helpful for dealing with this tragedy. You can do this by clicking “Submit Comment”.

Help and Giving

Japan Person Finder

American RedCross

Samaritans Purse

World Vision

Weather Service

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center

Japan Meteorological Agency

World Weather Information Service Japan

News Links

twitter BreakingNews



General Links


Google Chrisis Response

US Embassy Japan


How Earthquakes work

Don’t Panic

Potassium Iodide


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