Chris Pirillo: How & When to Run as Administrator

Windows 7 requires some applications to run as administrator for certain functions. For some program updates or special operations, using Run as Administrator allows you to make changes you can’t make with normal user permissions. You don’t want to run every program as administrator, because this can put your computer at risk of malware and other malicious software having access to features you don’t want it to. In this video, you can learn why you want to use the Run as Administrator function with caution, how to launch a program with administrator priveliges, and when you should Run as Administrator instead of running as a standard Windows 7 user.

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About Chris:

Chris Pirillo is the founder of the tech blogging network, Lockergnome and previously served as host of TechTV’s Call for Help show. Chris’s insightful and entertaining how to videos will now be featured in the PC Pitstop newsletters and highlighted at and

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