Dodge Retort: Cable clutter reflects a tethered world


By John Dodge

In this `not as wireless a world as we like to think,’ I am being strangled by cables. I trip over ones around my desk and just organized a tangle of more than 200-250 cables that have accumulated over the years.

cable hairball

Call it cable clutter. USB, audio and video, Firewire, power cords, RJ45, coax, serial cables…and more than 40 DIFFERENT power supplies and cables.

Power supplies are particularly annoying because they are all different, restricted to working with a single gadget or computer model. Two years ago, I wrote about the long overdue Universal Charging Solution, which I reported back them was supposed to be widely available by Jan. 1, 2012. I checked and it looks like it’s USC is still on schedule, but that’s just for mobile phones. At least it’s something: I must have 15-20 different phone chargers – all no longer needed.

So the cables will just keep on accumulating. And here’s the rub: them more I coil them up with plastic ties and organize them, the more cables I find. They’re all over our house and even our car (GPS and iPod audio cable).

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