Malware Minute: Windows Emergency System (Fake)

By GFI Vipre

Windows Emergency System is not a Microsoft application, but a fake created by scammers designed to infect PC after PC in hopes of tricking people into buying the software.

If your PC has been infected with Windows Emergency System, you may be wondering where you picked up such a nasty program. Most likely it was downloaded from malicious advertisements on a webpage you visited, or when you clicked a link and landed on a random web page and the program began downloading without your consent. Many times a rogue or fake program, such as Windows Emergency System, will show a fictitious warning stating that your PC is infected, if you click on the window it will immediately download the virus. If you would have been running a good antivirus software, it would have blocked this virus from infecting you computer.

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4 thoughts on “Malware Minute: Windows Emergency System (Fake)

  1. Boy if you can’t even trust MS who can you trust! I hate to do a restore because of other changes I have done since then. Oh what to do in these trying times. I don’t know if IE was infected but it was really acting up. I did change to Google Chrome to see how that does. Thanks for the tips.

  2. MS Removal Tool is another piece of malware that will infect yur computer. Removal is only through booting in Safe Mode and System Restore to an Earlier Date. Then run a FULL Miscrosoft Security Essentials scan to remove it.

  3. I accidently down loaded something simular to this. Now I’m not sure if I have been able to remove it or not. It appeared to say that I had viruses. Does anyone know how to be sure it’s gone. Did several different scans of my computer and found nothing.

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