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Good morning guys and gals. It’s getting very summery here in S.W. Florida, mid 90’s for the past couple of weeks. We’ve just finished our spring meeting for PC Pitstop and it was very productive. The new features of PC Matic are settling in and it seems people are loving the Community feature that Larry just added. Now when you open PC Matic, you can click the community button and chat with other PC Matic users. So, let’s get to it and see what questions we have for today.

Allan Mo asks: I have an Acer 2420 running XP.
My hard drive is partitioned in ‘C’ and ‘D’ parts,my ‘C’ drive is always reporting that it is full.
There is a lot of room in ‘D’.Is there a way I can make ‘C’ bigger?

For those using Windows XP the best option is to use a free partition program. There are a bunch of programs available but I suggest Easeus Partiton Manager. You can change drive size and partition as much as you like. Here’s a link to their website. Give it a try.

Allan Me asks: Modem Or Router ?

Can you please tell me as to what is the difference between
a Modem and a Router ?

Do I need both a Modem and a Router ?

Is there such a thing as a combined/integrated Modem-Router ?

I have purchased a new Modem (?) / Router (?) from my ISP
which is “Wire-less” – What does this mean, please ?

Can I connect this new “Wire-less” Modem/Router to both my “Wire-less” DeskTop Computer for InterNet access AND ALSO my “Wire-less” Printer-Fax-Scanner-Copier,

How do I do this, please? I am definitely not technically minded at all, so I would greatly appreciate your kind and friendly assistance, advice, suggestions, information, etc..

THANK-YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Allen. The word modem is short for modulator/demodulator . It is a piece of equipment which connects your computer to your internet source, ie. phone line, or cable line. Because phone lines use analogue signals and computers use digital signals, the modem will translate and send the information back and forth. It allows the two separate devices to understand each other.

A router is more like a traffic cop. It reads the address of info packets coming in and going out and routes them to the correct location/device. It is a microprocessor device that reads address information for multiple devices and locations. Routers are needed when there are multiple computers in a location. They can be wired only, wireless, or both. These days, and for most home users, wireless routers are the norm. Routers allow you to use your laptop on the couch or out on the patio without all the irritating wires. Are there 5 computers in your home? If so, you need a router.

A very important benefit of having a router is that it acts as a physical firewall. Any unsolicited intrusion is stopped at your router. Intruders cannot see beyond your router when they send random malicious queries. Combined with PC Matic SuperShield you have the absolute most effective form of protection available anywhere.

Yes, there are Modem/Wireless Router Combinations available. I still use separate pieces for my set up but that’s only because it’s what I’m accustomed to. If there is a failure, I need to replace only one of the items. I don’t know if that saves me anything, it’s just what I do.

Connecting your printer to your system usually involves installing the printer hardware from the provided CD and then later physically connecting the printer. Because you purchased the modem/router from your ISP, your best bet is to contact your ISP for connection instructions and also testing. They can walk you through it and also confirm that they are connected correctly. There is really no better way to do it. All printers now come with easy to follow instructions but each is a little different.

I believe I covered everything here today. Thank you for all the questions and please submit an more using the link below.


Please note: we will not be able to respond to every question submitted. Selected questions will be answered in the Ask The Pros section of our Monthly Newsletter.


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  1. Info Dave thank you for the comment. I thought about this for a couple of days actually. There are always plenty of people ready to pile on when I recommend PC Pitstop products. It just so happens that I believe what I wrote and would have done a dis service by not recommending it. I also mention many other products that are not ours and even recommend other antivirus products almost every week. There is no other product like it so unless you know of an alternative I’ll stick with what I”m recommending. There will be others next year, and you can take that to the bank.

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