Steve Bass’s Time Wasters – Cobra Pits, Baby Penguins & Snow Rollers


By Steve Bass

•You think you have a tough, thankless job? Try cleaning out a cobra pit. [That’s amazing. — Copyedit.]

•There’s nothing cuter than watching and listening to a baby penguin laugh.

Here’s a shorter version if you decide to forward to a friend. (Thanks, Judy.)

•You know those airline safety announcements, the ones you rarely pay attention to, unless they’re either funny or the fight attendants are naked?

Seven-year-old Chief Stewardess Alice stars in the one you’ll watch until the very end.

•Weird weather: Snow rollers — log shaped snowballs — can be as large as a 30-gallon garbage can. Here’s how they’re formed. (Thanks to Jim Clark.)

Snow rollers on the Idaho Panhandle

•More weird weather: Actually, atmospheric conditions. A spooky video of the aurora borealis. (The music’s hokey, and
unnecessary, so turn down the sound.) (Thanks to Tom Hansen.)

The Aurora from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

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