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  1. that’s true I will never like to give $250 for nothing which can not give me some solid solution. and what about the battery backup of laptops using new windows operating system? Windows OS consumes lot of power and also reduce the actual performance of computers, windows based applications also require better performing Hardware and Memory compared to Apple or Unix and it’s flavored OS. Apart from OS cost, people also end up spending money buying new computers or upgrading Hardware to meet the windows based application needs. and talking about security that is another issue if you study windows registry and open ports you will find hell lot of unnecessary configured parameters which make it more open and insecure.

    1. Apple or Unix? You’re kidding. They may try harder on a desktop/laptop, but outside of web and office applications, they don’t run what’s needed by consumers. Cloud applications don’t have the sophistication of dedicated programs that only run under windows.

      Win7 has been the most stable O/S I’ve used. Of course that’s only on HP desktop and laptops, as other hardware just doesn’t seem to achieve the same compatibility standards. So go cheap and suffer or get an HP and use it, don’t constantly be fixing it.

  2. I have windows 7 and from FRY”S got every thing to put in a PC that had the info windows sait I would have to have. I put over $500.00 in the new pc and then there was the price of Windows 7 os. The dam installer tells me I can’t install 7 . It tells me I do not have some crap that the paper work for the mother board has the item on the board. I got all the way to the cd key one time befor thr upgrade stopped telling I could not install windows 7 and I only had one thing to do stop the installing of 7,So how much will windows 8 cost? another os people will not be able to install ,will have a computer that comes with it when you pay more money for???

  3. It looks cluttered and horrible and worse that windows 7
    Microsoft is coming to an end,
    Eliminating the desktop task bar and start menu is a BIG mistake
    ( oh yeah a 14 year old just said that)

  4. No problems with Win 7 along eith non conflicting hardware, enough ram and video power my ugraded Dekk 521s and “new” Hp Pro book 4720s run fine with xp cpmpatibility pack.

  5. win 8=> what a crock……it’s about time that microsoft woke up .i.e people that want or need a computer want exactly that…! .What they dont want is a screen full of juvinile fingerprints and a collection of photos that can be accesed in “25” different ways or a phone with no other actually usefull features apart from being able to store a huge amout of video and music but only 100 contacts with their information.
    We want , win 7-64bit,with xp file system, a Uac that behaves and only askes a user that does not have the correct credentials to call the administrator etc and fuzzy logic with the ability to make rerpairs to the system and files with options as to best effect or other priorities , instead of a screen coming up and saying “windows has had a problem- sorry( your screwed)we know what it is but cant be bothered to even display or log that on notepad for you”
    I personally wont be surprised if people start switching to linux in droves and leave windows to the pile of “blondes” that “they” seem hell bent on attracting.
    Ps. as for “cloud”(*&(O&(PIGT&^%*&$&#&) you have got to be on serious drugs to even think about that route…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hey, XP was a huge improvement over previous windows versions. But, it is now OUT OF DATE.
    Vista was a bit of a failure, but Win 7 & I’m sure Win 8 are great. The benefits are huge. Support for newer monitors,improved support for multi-core processors, better memory handling, faster startup. The list doesn’t end. Sure Microsoft have stuffed up over the years, but they have got their OS’s right now, and sticking with an outdated OS is just plain “head in the sand” stupid.
    Apple is good, but you need MS’s OS if you want compatibility with most of the rest of the world.

  7. These constant Windows OS changes are the reason I will migrate to Apple when XP dies. Microsoft is making a huge mistake by introducing new operating systems rather than OS upgrades.
    I would gladly pay for a 2011 XP upgrade, but not a new OS.

    1. @Don Ross:

      But XP is already outdated.
      You should justm ove to Windows 7 64bit and go with that as long as you went with XP.
      Because, like I explained in my previous post, the current Windows will probably be the standard for years to come.
      I feel you could probably ignore half of the OS’s Microsoft comes up with.
      Because Vista was pretty much a broken Windows 7, clearly…
      Windows 7 is just fine, while Windows 8 will be unnecessary like Windows 2000 over Windows 98.

      You shouldn’t shy away from buying a new Windows after your current one has lived for 10 years.
      It’s still usable, yes… but also (getting) outdated.
      Otherwise you can still keep using XP until 2014 and THEN see what’s the next best thing.
      Because Microsoft DO seem to update and support their products for a long time.
      So there’s no need to say that you’re forced to buy a new OS rather than update it.
      Well, sure, it might not get major overhauls anymore, but it doesn’t mean they won’t keep it up-to-date.

  8. Well.. for the average user it looks good. Change is always something that people hate at first, but i think its for the better. Think back to windows 98. windows 95 was awesome! nothing can beat it! Yeah of course… just like 52mb of hard drive space was all you would ever need. Come on guys technology changes so fast we actually need to adjust to it. Gesture and touch is the next… actually strike that… is the current way to interact with digital world. Thats all a computer does.. allows us to interact with all things digital…

  9. accually, i beleive this is only for tablet + touch screens. it is probably an add on feature that can be toggled for mouse+ keyboard. and it will be like any other.

  10. Who cares, Windows 7 would probably be supported until like 2020 anyway.
    As Windows XP is supported with updates until 2014.

    I’m not sure what might be more to Windows 8, so soon after Windows 7 already.
    But just a new UI and such things isn’t enough.
    Besides, as if they wouldn’t keep Windows 7 up-to-date.
    Windows 7 will be a standard for many years to come.
    At some point, it will be the “XP” among different Windows-OS’s, probably when XP has died.

    I’m glad Window 7 is smooth and I’ll be happy to use it until the next major Windows which would probably support 128bit.
    As far as I can tell, Windows 8 would just be a sort of update to Windows 7.
    Kinda like what Windows 2000 was to Windows 98 or something.

    1. @MicHaeL H.: Accually, windows Xp was supported for so long was simply because the next OS took so long to come out, and when vista came out, people simply did not switch. now with windows 7 people are still sticking with XP because they are used to it and found a niche. so they need to support it.

  11. Too soon, I’m not ready yet. Win7 lost all my program icons, all my documents, and my OS. Oh, they are all still in the PC; you just cannot access them.

  12. I’m just not interested in all that dumbed down nonsense. Why pull an operating system down to the lowest common demonitor? That level of user only uses computers for email, games and chat anyway! More importantly, I don’t want to end up with a dirty, greasy screen thanks to all the finger touching. I imagine the screen manufacturers will like it thanks to all the eventual scratching due to cleaning, which will inevetibly lead to the necessity of constant new monitor purchases. That’s not very ecological is it? Oh, the fraudulent nature of the big business ‘green’ lobby.

  13. I don’t like it! More dumbing down and more useless crap that people don’t need. Microshite can kiss my ass if they think I’ll be entertaining that pile of festering crap that passes off as Windows 8.

  14. @Stijn:

    I assume I shouldn’t mention then that Win 9 is already in Alpha?

    The “problem”, IMHO, is that MS is trying desperately to steal away potential iPad buyers and be “all things to all people”.

    At the end of the day, they’re probably not going to satisfy them but they will p*** off we pc users with unwanted features and bloated OS’s.

  15. Oh God. Not again! More unnecessary gimmicks and unwelcome dumbed-down useless inconvenient GUIs and applications. I wiped Win 7 off my Alienware and am using Vista 64, stripped down to Win 98’s interface. Although 7 is faster, I could not stand some of the other “improvements” they had made. Win 8 looks like more of the same. Too bad.

  16. Don’t like it at all. Forget about the touch screen, i don’t want to be reaching out to the screen every time i want to do something with it. What a pain in the ass.

  17. I always get a kick out of how offended people get by new operating systems and new versions of apps (i.e. MS Office)

    As a programmer, and a very flexible person, I always look forward to seeing what new features and concepts they come up with.

    And why are so many people bent out of shape with the concept of “Apps” ?
    It’s an application, it’s a program, it’s a piece of software, it’s a tool to solve a problem… get over it!!!

    Some serious “Who Moved My Cheese” issues here…

    I love my XP laptop, I used Vista for years with no issues, I love my Win7 laptop. I love my iPad and my iPhone, and I look forward to owning a MacBook Pro one day.
    Windows server 2000, 2003, and 2008 all changed things around in the user interface as well. I just went with it.

    The changes aren’t going to stop, so why fight it?

    Embrace the change and it will keep your mind young…

    1. @Kevin Williams:Kevin you miss thje point of most peoples gripes and groans
      What Microsoft is doing is taking options away from users by hiding and moving things which we have all come to know as our options via the control panel

      Microsoft need to learn two things
      1 ) Respect for their users don’t try to do their thinking for them.
      Chipperfields chimps have more savvy that that lot at microsoft
      2) Some things are better left alone re the Control Panel that most people could handle with ease Not the mess they made of it in Vista and and anything that is likely to follow

      Also ask most people who use a peer to peer platform for music and singing what they think of this HD audio crap and they will tell you seeting this up is a pain at the best of times


  18. Janet Armstrong

    I am disabled and have to work on my PC from a lying position on my right side. I have every thing set up to work under those circumstances. I do not want my PC to make me feel like I am on my cell. Leave the PC look as is and let us enjoy our PC as a personal computer and not a cell or some other gadget.

  19. It looks to me like eye candy for the “Start page” where you will find all the neat little apps, but underneath nothing changes.
    When Office first appeared in the video it was the same desktop as we see today.
    They clearly didn’t want to talk about how the programs have not changed their look and feel.
    Apart from the “start page” it’s still Windows of old, no huge change since 95

      1. @Kevin Williams:
        What a strange comment to make, no where did I state that it is the same as 95, only that when they wern’t showing off the Start Page, the Desktop looks no different to what Windows has always looked like, yet they were making it sound as though Windows 8 was going to be a massive departure from the older versions.
        I’ve used all versions of Windows, use XP at work, 7 at home and Vista as and when collegues come unstuck (it’s my job).
        Whilst Windows exists the basic function of running a program will always look and feel the same, a word processor is a word processor, theres not much you can change with it, but people will be led to believe that this the best O/S yet and will part with their money…

  20. This is definitely NOT designed for the business environment, I will surely go to “classic view”, which will take most of the extra’s of Win8 away. In other words: I’ll just stick to Win7, I am getting really tired by now.

  21. some nuts are never satisfied, they must have the latest, the way how MS is doing Weeeight have to have more weight……

    1. It’s called “human nature”.
      If a certain % of the population didn’t want the “latest and greatest” we would have become extinct a long time ago…

  22. I love Windows 7, but to be honest W8 will look stupid. I don’t want to deal with a phone interface, i don’t in the present and i’m not interested for the future and i mean in terms of using it to browse internet, play videos..etc. Anyway, why to release an OS so soon if Win7 is doing great in sales and shares?

  23. I’ve had Win 8 Milestone 3 X64 on my pc since it was leaked. About a 45 min install and boy does it load like lightning compared to my Win 7 Ultimate X64!
    Just an “fyi” that if you don’t like the smart cellphone mode, you apparently click on the screen bottom and scroll it upwards to reveal the pc interface.
    As a MS Beta tester, I can’t wait to get my hands on the Beta once it’s out on Connect.

    1. first off, your NOT a ms beta tester! you have a copy of a leaked os. There’s a HUGE difference. This OS, is for the titty boppers coming up today that live on twitter, facebook, and other communities of the sort. For the real pc user, this OS is a waste of time and space.

      1. @Nforcer: Actually, I AM a MS Beta tester – Livemail, Vista and Win 7, all obtained legimately from MS Connect. We actually got Win 7 for 1/2 price due to our collective efforts in Beta testing the product. Eventually, I will get a proper Beta once it’s released.

  24. I don’t want a smart cellphone on my PC. Glitzy browsing is not productive. I don’t want a touch screen with all the oily finger smears on it. I sure hope there is a “Classic View” with Windows 8. I cringe at the very mention of “Apps”.

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