Microsoft Alert – Huge Phone Scam

What’s the weakest link in your security? You are! When your phone rings don’t believe anything you hear. That Microsoft employee you’re talking to could be eating sardines and swigging vodka while he helps remove you from your money.

The latest Microsoft Security Blog dated June 16, 2011 comes exactly 4 days after I was targeted by this latest threat.

Evidently computer viruses and trojans are working so well, it seems scammers have enough time to launch a new form of attack. Getting up front and personal they are now attacking us through our phone. Posing as Microsoft tech support, they gain personal and financial information by instructing you, their victim, to setup and allow remote access under the guise of removing computer threats.

If people would only stop and think a minute they would realize that Microsoft doesn’t know if their computer has a virus, and they certainly don’t know their phone number. When everyone else is charging for even a moment of their time, do you think Microsoft is going to give you free trouble shooting by remote access. Obviously these crooks are counting on the most vulnerable in our society. They don’t mind that 85% of the people they call hang up on them. It’s the 15% that are paying their bills.

For you and I remote access is commonplace. We know how to do it and we know to be careful when allowing it. Some major companies use remote access now to help their customers with wireless connections and setting up home networks. For those less wary the offer of remote access seems genuine. Remote access is exciting, until they see their credit card bills. Then the fun is gone along with their money.

For now the scam is taking place in English speaking UK and North America. The scammers advise the victims that their computers are infected, show them bogus errors, direct them to a website, and walk them through making a purchase and installing tracking software. The average loss exceeds $800.00.

This has been a huge and surprisingly successful scam and Microsoft expects it to get even bigger and spread to other nations and languages.

Fortunately in my case, I hung up on the thief at the other end, but not everyone is that guarded. The Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Team did a survey of the involved area and discovered that out of 7000 people, more than 1,000 had received this type of call. Of the 1,000, 234 fell for the scam and followed the instructions. Of those, 184 actually lost money to the crooks. This means you have a 1 in 7 chance of being called. How do you like that for a phone campaign?

A problem this big requires that you be prepared ahead of time in order to avoid losing your hard earned cash. It requires only one rule and I’m putting it in bold below. Follow this one rule and all attempted phone scams are stopped dead.



Never trust unsolicited calls. If someone calls and claims to be from Microsoft, your bank, your credit card company, or even your utility company, always call them back. You can use a case number or extension but only use a telephone number that you have looked up yourself.

Safety is that simple.

Today you must be a lot more cautious, and a little more blunt than in the past. Do what you need to do to protect yourself.

I suggest everyone read this information from Comparitech regarding protecting yourself from technical support scams, including the phone scam identified above.

PC Matic can protect your computer but only you can protect your phone.

Chances are you or someone you know is going to be contacted. What will you do? Are you going to hang up? Will you play them along and try to get information? Are you going to report them here as Microsoft suggests? Let us know your experiences and post below if you or someone you know has been contacted or scammed.




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57 thoughts on “Microsoft Alert – Huge Phone Scam”

  1. I am nervous about privacy so I downloaded “My Private search”. A big mistake because it took over my computer even though I had pc matic on the computer. It directed my search to their site ending on a blind wall. I cannot remove it. I got malwarebytes installed which blocked My Private Search but did not remove it. I still see their symbol on the task bar. I probably will need to take my computer to a repair shop to get rid of it. I don’t know if there is a connection but I get an email from “Amazon” saying that the $4000 tv that I bought will be shipped under my name to somewhere on the east coast. I looked for a Amazon phone but there was only an email. So I sent an email saying I did not make that purchase and never received an answer. So much for customer service. There are crooks everywhere so when you leave a room, you need to back out the door.

  2. Hi. I received a call so many Times telling me that my computer has a problem….out of knowing they got Access in my computer and they start showing me evzrything in my own computer while talking to them…i vidéo some of what they are doing… After that they told me , if i want to fix the problem of my computer they will help me and in my computer they are typing how much will i pay for months or Years. I told them i néed to talk first to my husband but they told me i can decide right away because i AM the one see the problem. But still i told them my husband will decide. They told me ok we will call you again when they hear that im becoming irritated. They hung up. Thé problem is after they leave my computer…it was shut down and i cant open it anymore. So someone can advise me for this…. They told me they are from Teamviewer….

  3. Receive regular calls from this lot. Most are silences as I guess that someone else has answered their calls before me. I love to waste their time as they waste mine. I listen, answer all their questions apart from giving any information then make them wait a long time whilst my computer switches on. After they ask me to go into my fault log I tell them that a message has appeared on the screen. They then ask what it says and I reply ” tell these f…….g shysters to stop wasting your time……signed….your computer.” I then ask ” what can this mean?” There is then a brief silence and the line goes dead. Have some fun with them but better still waste their time……..they don’t like it!

  4. I have been receiving calls claiming to be a tech from Microsoft saying that there are errors on my computer. And that my computer will fail if I don't buy their product. I told them I didn't have the money. They were very aggressive about allowing them to fix my problems. I told them I use Norton and PC Matic. Also told them to take me off the list.

  5. Over the last 3 days i have gotten this phone call from someone saying they were calling in reference to micro soft windows problems that were reported to them from my computer. I asked how is it possible for a tech from micro soft to know my phone number?? He then proceeded to say that the computer givves them the information to contact me by phone. Kind of strange to me and he had an east indian accent when he first started on his speal. After telling him i didn’t believe him as my computer hasn’t had internet connection in over 3 years his accent changed to afrisn american and got real nasty and verbal with words i won’t say here. Then i proceded to tell him that micro soft doesn’t call people to check their computers for them he said who am i to tell him that they don’t do that. That’s when he really lost it and his accent changed 3 times more and i heard others in the background telling him to calm down and keep cool lol

  6. 2nd call in six days. This time the guy said he was Martin and asked how I was doing tonight. I asked him what I could do for him. Martin said there was a detection of unwanted files being downloaded from the internet. I told him No there weren't. That this is a scam. He said it's not a scam. This is Microsoft Windows technical. I told him No, you're going to tell me to click on Start and view my error logs. Told him I'd heard it all before. I told him my husband was a police officer and the call was being traced. Then I asked for his manager. Martin said his manager doesn't talk to clients. Then he hung up. I googled the telephone number and was able to trace it through The call was from Telecom Pacifica in Seattle, Washington, Switch # STTOWAFXDS0.

  7. I have had several calls from an Indian guy called William who tells me that my IP address has been hacked. He is very persistent and quite aggressive when I asked him various questions about how he knew so much about my IP address and the danger it posed to me. I asked him how much it would cost to do what he was advising that I do and he told me A$150.00. I asked him how many children he had and he said that he wasn't married. I told him that I had 4 children and that each pair of school shoes cost A$120.00 so that I had no spare money and that I didn't care if my IP was hacked. He got quite aggressive then and said that it was in my best interest if I paid. I asked him if he was also calling old people and threatening them too. He asked me if I had US$1,200 and I said I lived in Australia so had no need for US dollars. He said that his legal department would be sending me a bill for US$1,200. I told him he was a scammer and a bully and hung up. This was the third time he had called and each time he became progressively more aggressive and pushy. He asked me to write down a number CLSI- 88DCA60-FCOA-11CF-8F0F-OOCO4FD7DO72. I have seen this number on a couple of other blogs about this type of scam. Please advise anyone less tech savvy, especially Seniors, not to engage in any type of conversation with these people. They prey on the vulnerable and have no conscience whatsoever.

  8. they just called and wanted 300.00 for protection. and threatnd to shut down my computer ans said I would loose my internet id. that I would never have internet the rest of my life. I didn't give them my personal info. I said how do I know you are who you say you are. they gave up laughing and making vulgar remarks about my mother.

  9. My husband has received this type of call several times over the past month or so and when he tells the person on the other line that he is running a scam and not to call her anymore the gentlemen get verbally violent and threatens to come over and kick my husbands a$$. I received the call today and acted stupid telling him that I did not have access to my computer but was very concerned and got him to give me his company informtaion, phone number and name. I have already contacted the Anaheim Police department so hopefully they can either lead me to someone who can help or I am going to buy one of those compressed air horns and blow it in the phone the next time 'Woody' calls.

  10. I have been getting the calls repeatedly over several days. How can I stop them? I'm on a do not call list and I told the caller to take me off their list. He started to get loud, insistant and agitated with me.

  11. Roslyn Pascale

    We had a call today, same deal asian who couldn't speak much english claiming they were from Microsoft and that we had a serious virus problem.

  12. I have been receiving phone calls from this person for over 6 months.
    At first I tried.
    1. yelling at him – didn’t work.
    2. Listening to his whole conversation and then saying “NO” – still kept talking.
    3. Took his name, his supervisor’s name – talked to his “so called” supervisor. Then told the supervisor that “I forgot I guess I was suppose to tell him ahead of time I was recording the conversation” He said “ are you recording now” I said “Yes, go ahead” That’s when he called me an “A&^ H*&^&” I laughed at him and hung up.
    I then started to get worried if he has been doing this all over the whole since 2008 – who’s to say if he is on my wireless long enough he couldn’t hack in to that!

    I was getting phone calls 2-3 times a day. Even went to my wireless provider to see if I could block the call but the number shown he was calling from had 11 numbers – not the normal 10 digits.

    Yesterday I got his call again!
    This is how I handled it and he hasn’t called back since.

    He told me his name.
    I said in a very happy voice “well, HI Steve, how are you today”.
    It kind of took him back and he then said “ where he was from”.
    I said “ Steve I was kind of worried – you didn’t call me yesterday”.
    He hung up!

  13. Dorothy Markley

    I got the same call. The man could not speak any english I could understand. He told me that my computer was infected with a Malware or something to that effect without me knowing it. I told him my Norton takes care of that. That they were alerted to the problem and he was going to fix it. He said, look at and concentrate on your keyboard. and at the left side, something about the keys, Ctrl and Alt. I said I wanted to have someone that spoke perfect english. He kept saying he was from the Microsoft Tech department. I hung up on him. A couple of days before that, Norton said they had fixed a dangerious Malware that tried to download into my computer. Microsoft does not call people about anything. You have to call their Tech and pay for the help. I was going to call Microsoft to alert them on this guy. Could not find a number to call them. I reported the phone call to the FTC. I hope no one falls for that Scam. I am one of the elderly, but I am not dumb when it comes to computers or scams.

  14. PHONE SCAMMERS running hot…….They are still at it I have had 3 phone calls this week, one tonight from Indian man claims he is Neil Smith fromTechnical Department Deep perfection, I have infected folders and files on my computer, I told him I had a very good antivirus system but he said it was all windows 7 infected, he will help by putting my computer under management so go sit in front of it and click on what I tell you too..As if! How can we stop this?
    I feel sorry for the elderly or not so computer savvy who may get sucked in.

  15. A similar computer scammer also gave me a call. Consult PC Experts ( and Global PC Protection ( is the same company.

    I recorded the entire scam for others to learn from, you can see the videos and phone conversations here.

  16. I have had several of these phone calls, I usually just hang up but last time I told them I didn’t know what they were talking about as I didn’t have a computer anymore and they hung up on me!!

  17. i received a call from a man with an Indian accent. He claimed that my computer had a malware or something. He even said that it was running slowly and that he could show me the dates on which the problems occurred. Since my parents weren’t around i told him that they weren’t and that i was the daughter. I said that he should call my parents instead. Then he proceeded to ask me what my age was. I assumed he was asking to verify if i was able to understand if he told me computer stuff. however when i told him my age, he said, ’17? oh that sounds nice’ i hung up.. thats going to stay in my head a long time. phone scams are creepy and i never want to get them ever again.
    don’t do what i did, next time just hang up immediately when you smell something fishy.

  18. It’s made it to South Africa too. I had a phone call to my landline this morning from someone purporting to be from Microsoft, which I thought was quite unusual. He said there was a computer that Microsoft had detected was being hacked and that this could lead to hard drive failure, etc. I was suspicious as the accent sounded a bit foreign (like Indian-American) and asked how I would I know the call was authentic. I mentioned there were 3 computers in the house, how do I know which one, and he proceeded to give me details of my husband’s name and our old address (and yet phoned on our landline at our new address). Where are they getting our details from? I don’t know if the windows ver on the computer was registered and what details were given (if any) to microsoft. He then said he could check the computers number by going thru run, assoc and then the number on the 3rd line up from the bottom was supposedly the computer’s number which he proceeded to recite to me, and it was correct (I have since run the same application on another computer and see the same number comes up!). He then said I should run some applications to see my computer errors – these were located by right clicking on my computer, manage, event viewer, application, system, which showed up various computer errors and warnings. He said it was a firewall issue and that I could get this update that would provide me protection for 10 years. However, here comes the catch, it would cost me $105, whereupon he proceeded to direct me to a website called and there were various options for purchase here I said no, I would need to look at the options and think about it cos that particular computer is old and slow and no real loss if it crashes. I then asked him for his e-mail address and contact number. The line went dead! So, I presume they are either running that website as a front to then get you to make a purchase for some software you don’t need, or maybe they are using the site as a front to then hack in somehow to get your credit card details from you.

    1. @Lisa: hey lisa the computer number he is referring to is the general number for microsoft computers also those errors are errors but not due to the soo called malware they are normal as the computer runs lots of programs and never go to any websites or give them any information best thing to do is say you have a mac.

  19. I just had a call last night from these chum balls saying they are from Microsoft. It was a girl with an English accent. They told me that my computer is infected by a virus. I just told them that I can’t fix the computer over the phone (which I can), I would just like to take it personally to MS, miraculously the phone went dead… By the way, I’m from Singapore.

  20. They’ve now started targetting the Netherlands as well. I’ve had three calls up to now. One was at work which was quite funny. He asked to speak to the boss as he had some important information about an infection in our computers. I happen to be one of 2000 local government employees working for one of the bigger cities here.
    I simply said that the Lord Mayor was in a meeting and couldn’t be disturbed!
    This week I had another one, again just as several eople have said, a man with an Indian accent. I played him along for a bit, asked why he was calling the Netherlands in English instead of Dutch, he said he was calling from Microsoft tech security in Washington. Unfortunately, I didn’t get his number so couldn’t report him (get you next time you bastard!), but I did take great delight in telling him that it was very strange that they’d found a problem with my imac… Then told him to bugger off and annoy someone else.
    Some people only use the computer to mail their family, and these are the people that are being targetted. If we were all to try and inform these potential victims, we might be able to rob these scum of some of their prey.

  21. They are haunting or HUNTING me …5 phone calls in as many days.Next one is not going to get a polite no(if you can call my exact words that) but, instead They will get the full mother routine.ROFL Bring on the next caller

  22. I had to have a virus removed from my computer last night! Put there by Scammer but alledgedly from Microsoft Security Center and wanting money to purchase Virus protection! Knew it was a scam but as per comments of others above, stay alert and be careful! Wish these miscreants could be put away forever!!!!

  23. Yep, I’ve had 2 calls from these Idiots. The 2nd one, I blew an umpires whistle straight down the line. He must need a hearing test by now.

  24. Anjai Surrkeal Poojab

    Hey.. we are just trying to make an honest living…. if we don’t swindell you out of your hard earned money.. then, we have to resort to stealing.. so, it helps keep us honest .. lol

  25. I live in Australia and they rang work a couple of days ago. I kept asking how the computer was telling him that it needed support, then that Microsoft wouldn’t contact me unless I’d contacted them first and hung up.

  26. My Mother and I team up on them. Who ever answers is hard of hearing, and doesn’t know how to turn on the computer because it belongs to my son who isn’t home right now. (I don’t have a son). I’m 80 years old and don’t know about computers, but if you’ll give me a number I’ll have my son call you back when he gets home. They can’t release the number but say they’ll call back if I can estimate a time. That I can’t do because being single my son keeps odd hours, but if you’ll leave a number he’ll call you back. They won’t leave a number but asked for a number where he might be reached. I don’t know that number and that’s when I get into a lengthy and loud question to Mom if she’s knows the number, which she finally doesn’t after a long time of misunderstood questioning. I get back on the phone and start repeating everything Mom and I were in misunderstood conversation about which finally triggers another attempt at obtaining a time to return the call which prompts, “He didn’t say when he’ll be back but if you’ll leave a number I’ll have him call you back. They can’t do that and suggest they’ll call back in about an hour. I tell them that he’ll most likely be out longer than that because today is (what ever day it is) that he had a ball game to attend and just left with his friends and sometimes he stays with one of his friends. They asked if he has a job. We say yes that he works all the time to pay off his credit card bills. (That re-energized their interest.) They asked the name of the friend he might stay with and any information like a phone number or address and they’ll look up the number. “He has so many friends, let’s see, there’s Carl, he’s a night owl too, then there’s Pete, who’s a bit of a local boozer, and there’s Catman, they call him Catman ‘cause he has so many Cats.” They usually break in and say they’ll chance it and call back every hour until they get him for which we reply that we’re leaving shortly and there won’t be anyone here to answer the phone. We’re on our way to a computer scam convention. CLICK !

    1. Sorry; left out one important detail. They were so focused on ripping me off, they never thought about, if I’m 80 years old, then how old is my Son who’s out play ball with his friends? Another fact not mentioned = I’m actually 63 and been working on computers since DOS1, and still at it.

  27. I haven’t gotten a call from these scammers but here is something everyone could try. Let them give you there spiel about trojans and viruses on your machine, then proceed to tell them, “I work in Microsoft Security, what was your name again?” I’m sure you’ll be hearing that dial tone real quick.

  28. I’m still waiting for one to call me. I’ve got it all planned. I’ll get them talking, then after a while I’ll say: “I’ve got a strong firewall on my PC, it won’t let anyone access it unless I get their IP number entered into it.” If they’re dumb enough, I’ll get that and hand it to my Police colleagues. If not, they’ll quickly hang up and leave me alone. *evil grin*

  29. I do a bit of computer teaching and some of my clients have had calls. I, personally, have had two calls. I just tell them that that I know about computers and that they are trying to sell me software to correct registry issues.

    At that point, miraculously, the phone goes dead!

  30. When scammers (or stockbrokers, chimney sweeps, religious activists or whoever) call, I ask, Who are you calling for? Oh. I’m sorry – he just stepped outside for a minute. I know he’s interested. Hold the phone, I’ll get him for you.

    Then I go back to what I was doing.

  31. I had the call me and I kept them on the phone for about 20 minutes and when he eventually realized i had no intention of letting him into my comnputer he lost the plot and started shouting at me for wasting his time.

  32. I have had several of these phone calls over the last few weeks and sussed them out when the heavily accented voice told me the problems could be fixed by sharing the screen!Oh yeah??!!!I just put the phone down still connected and walk away til it screams at me to hang up!

  33. i have had 3 calls from these sleese bags one was at 9pm of all times and i told him what to do and where to go .

  34. I am one of those who were duped. After getting completely convinced and allowing the remote access, then following instructions to where I see a report on the viruses and problems on my computer, I was really won over.
    Then, I noted that several of the viruses were dated while I was overseas and no-one had access to my computer at home.
    I was soooo close to getting into trouble.

    Since this first occasion, we have had around 6 or 7 calls on the same theme, but with different ‘parent’ company names. Hmmmmm – a whole lot of the same scammers, or just getting bigger, and more cunning?

  35. im an it engineer working in customers homes i often hear about this scam in the uk



    1. Speak for yourself, my computer, which ISNT an Apple, runs purrfect. It would stomp an Apple into the ground…

  36. Jerry Williams

    I received a call from a so-called Microsoft tech-rep, a few days ago. The script that he used seems to be a common one, that my pc is infected with multiple viruses and trojans etc. The alarm bells rang immediately and I asked him how Microsoft had managed to get hold of my phone number as it is not registered. I was not at all surprised when the line suddenly went dead. I have since reported the matter to Ofcom, the telecom watchdog here in the UK and they have confirmed that this is a rapidly growing problem.

  37. Melbourne,Australia. I’ve had 3 in last 2 mnths.
    Like many of other respondees, I keep them talking then “whisper” an aside ‘have you traced the number yet’ !!!

  38. This Microsoft Hoax Alert is also in Australia, I have had them call me 3 times my sister has also had them call her and she lives on the North Coast of NSW where I live South West Sydney, I have warned my sister about the phone call… what I do when they call after they tell me they are from Microsoft and that my computer has a virus I just say “Well tell me where did you get that information from again? because it is very strange as I do not own a computer and never have owned one” … they soon hang up when they learn they have rang someone that don’t have a computer… my sister says the same thing as I do then she puts the telephone down on the bench without hanging up, this holds their line up and they can’t make any calls till she finaly hangs up at her end.My sister in-law has akso had the same phone call she does what I do she tells them she don’t own a computer.

  39. I had someone calling me not long ago telling me he was from Microsoft and he was going to help remove a virus from my PC and that he need access to it and I responded that he would be embarrassed to see compromised photos of his mother,sisters and daughters in explicit position making love to me on the PVC files and he hang up.

  40. i have a simple answer to these scammers is when they say i have infections on my computer i reply that i think that would not be possible as i do not have a computer. they then give a confused ah then hang up

  41. I had a call two days ago;fortunately I had a similar one a few months ago and sussed that it was a scam – confirmed by a Google search on the Melbourne ” support team” company name.I strung this second bloke along for half an hour before telling him I know he is a scammer .Wish I had got a phone No etc then told him to expect a visit from the law.
    These guys with suncontinent accents purporting to be Microsoft employees should ring alarm bells straight away.

    1. @sparky: no point in getting a phone number a client of mine got the phone number i traced it for them it was a st kilda number. So I rang the st kilda policewho ask me where i was ringing from itlod them hobart tassie the said that i should ring hobart office instead so I did only to be told it was not their problem as it was a st kilda number. You can bet if it was a traffic offence they would respond.

  42. So what Im getting from this article is that apparently 1 in 4 people are too stupid to own a computer. Did I miss anything?

  43. Stephen J Vincent

    Simply turn off romote access if you own a home computer so that when these scumbags phone you tell them to remove the viruses without giving them any information saying that if they know it is infected, they must already have accesed it!

  44. I had 2 calls from a guy who said his name was Mack, he had an Indian/Pakistani accent.
    Told him I did not use Microsoft I use Linux and hung up on him!

  45. Any phone call that I don’t reckonise I tell them that I pay for my phone for my benefit not for every tom dick and harry to use and to bugger off and not ring me again

  46. No we do NOT need anyone to help us stay ahead of them.

    We need to use our common sense – which doesn’t seem to be so common anymore.

    Think before you do anything. Use your head!

  47. Could someone please do a little extra work, and provide guidance for positive action, to go with this negative action. For instance, if I get a scam / illegal call on one phone, I want to stall them while I call my telephone company, the Better Business Bureau, the FBI, the Interstate Commerce Commission, the FCC, or whoever, and tell them I have a current, live phone connection to a criminal. Up until now, I have heard that no US enforcement agency has any jurisdiction over criminal activity from other countries. But what I do not hear is that some of them may be willing to work with other countries, gather and pass on information, and let those countries capture and imprison their own criminals.
    -signed, “tired of doing nothing”

  48. I have been contacted 3 times. The first time I hung up the phone immediately but wished I hadn’t as I could have had a bit of fun with the caller. The second and third times I pretended to be an innocent and inexperienced user and said that I was following their instructions – which of course I wasn’t. 2 or 3 minutes into the call I was asked what I saw on the screen. I replied that before I told them what I saw, I would like to tell them what I heard. When they asked what that was, I simply replied that I was hearing a lying b*****d. The callers then hung up.

  49. Mary Lynn Kraft

    Good advice. It seems that hackers get smarter every day. We need you to help us stay one step ahead of them.

    1. Its not necessarily that hackers get smarter, but rather, the populous gets dumber. Society has become so dumbed down with trashy dumbed down TV/celebrity culture and the state meddling in every aspect of peoples lives, we have a society that has forgotten how to think for themselves, and who look towards the government/legislation for protection, when they should be taking the responsibility themselves.

      You wouldn’t go out and get a dog without first doing some research and reading up about dogs (one would hope) and how to look after them…so why is it that people get a computer and don’t bother to do any research on internet security themselves, especially when all the information is available online.

      In my opionion Microshite aka Microsoft have to take some or most of the blame for the dumbing down of computers. Just look at their help files! not very helpful and talored for a 5 year old idiot.

      Rather than give people useful and informative information Microshite treats them with contempt, trys to scare people with cryptic messages when, for example, changing their default settings and scaring people into using their shoddy security centre which is about as much use as a chocolate firegaurd.

      Sorry, but people get what they deserve!

      1. It’s definitely the POPULACE getting more stupid. Evidence the fact that *hackers* break into computers and computer networks without the owners’ knowledge. They don’t call people and ask for access.

        These people making these calls are scammers. They have malicious financial intent. MOST hackers only wish to make evident security inconsistencies and shortcomings.

        So yeah, reading your posts, it’s obvious that the major issue these particular scammers are targeting is that most of the computer using populace is becoming more and more stupid as time goes by.

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