Windows Talk: How to See File Extensions in Windows

By Mitz Pantic for Windows Talk

Changing the settings on your computer to see file extensions in Windows is a handy way to help identify file types. Back in the days of Windows XP we almost needed to see file extensions just to recognize what file that was. However now days with Windows 7 and Windows Vista we have pretty icons for each file type. For example if you are looking at a Microsoft Word file in your documents folder it would be very obvious because it would have a big W on the icon.

How to see file extensions in Windows?

1. When you are in Windows Explorer, documents, or any folder on your computer, there will be a menu at the top. It has the options, file, edit, view, tools, help. If you cannot see this menu in Windows Vista or Windows 7 you need to press the ALT key on the keyboard to show it.

2. Go to the tools menu, and then choose folder options. See the screen shot below.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from Windows Talk.

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