Chris Pirillo: Are You Unhappy With Your Internet Service Provider?

Archaeme over at asked, “I hear a lot of people complaining about Comcast (service, throttling, etc.), but why don’t they use another ISP?” This is a good question, and the answer may surprise you.

Even in this modern Internet age, a good Internet service provider is hard to come by. In most areas, service is only available from a select few with a single provider dominating the market. There are hundreds of small companies out there offering “unlimited” bandwidth and advertising high-speed connections only to fail at delivering on their promise.

This leaves you with the option of forking over large sums of money to receive reasonably stable and consistent service or having to clench your teeth as your connection is regularly interrupted in order to save a few bucks.

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About Chris:

Chris Pirillo is the founder of the tech blogging network, Lockergnome and previously served as host of TechTV’s Call for Help show. Chris’s insightful and entertaining how to videos will now be featured in the PC Pitstop newsletters and highlighted at and

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9 thoughts on “Chris Pirillo: Are You Unhappy With Your Internet Service Provider?”

  1. Of course I’m not happy with my ISP provider but to hear you say Comcrap has served you well clearly says you are not in touch with reality. Why don’t you let others know you can get speeds of 300 to 500 Mbs for under $25 when we are getting 12Mbs and paying 3 times that. And worse there is no competition. I though we lived in a first world country? And by the way if you are at the end of a line with cable your speed goes down to 1/4 of contract amount when everyone in that block goes on line. Kind of like rush traffic.

  2. My DSL from Century Link is very pricey. The service and speed are fine, but the cost of nearly $60 monthly is outrageous. Cox Cable is available locally but not in the area where I live. The only other alternative is Dish Network at $40 monthly, and I'm not sure about the quality of satellite INP service.

  3. I droped Comcast after promo expired and using my cell for internet .Im in 4g area so speeds are ok. It’s way cheaper than overpriced Comcast . This is rediculous to pay ARM and a leg for internet .

  4. Poor babies. Just don’t think about moving to the great white north of you. Bandwidth plans is limited by government fiat to 10 GB and then you have to pay. Donno why. My “superfast” cable connection drops drastically when school gets out. Guess why. Yah, game boxes. My download speed is 5MB and upload is 128kb all for $45 + 13% taxes + bogus fees. And last I heard, our dollar is worth more than yours. So, who gets better service? We have no real competition either – only 1 TV cable company per province, only 1 telephone company per province. All “resellers” sell bandwidth they get at “wholesale” rates from the monopolies. And now they are not allowed to offer unlimited service. Its all just money and politics as Chris P. says.

  5. I have Verizon FiOS and absolutely love the service. Fast, efficient and quite literally never goes down.

    My daughter, on the other hand, has Comcast and can’t wait to get Vz FiOS in her neighborhood so she can dump Comcast (Comcrap) in a really fast heartbeat!

  6. Please subscribe me to your newsletters failing which I shall have you keel-hauled pronto. And then some.

  7. I have Time Wanner and Completely happy with it…I pay for 15Mbps down and 1.0Mbps up and I get 16.0Mbps Down!!! All for a good price! and only went down once for an hour. I worked for ATT Uverse and know things could be MUCH MUCH WORSE!!

  8. LOL Love the video and you’re so right, Comcast is the best there is and even though we’re paying through the nose as you said, we stay with them cause they’re the best. Love your screensaver too, btw.

  9. No i am not happy with my ISP its att dsl or att uverse and now att has started to limit bandwidth to 150gigs on dsl and uverse is 250 gigs my thing is i would like to go to uverse due to speed and more gigs a month i have mutiple pc’s for husband and me and i watch movies and dl music,and i game the only thing is UVERSE has alot of fee from what i saw in fine print and cable internet is not available where i am blahhhhhh so here i stay

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