7 Gmail Gadgets Make Your Inbox More Useful

Gmail’s offering is one of the best available. Its simplicity coupled with its minimal interface make it a favorite amongst geeks and newbies alike. However, users need not feel constrained by Gmail’s simplistic interface as they can easily enable enhanced features provided by Google through “Google Labs” or from third-party sources through “Gadgets“. In this article I will outline some of my favourite Gadgets.

Enabling Gadgets

On a default Gmail account, Gadgets will be disabled. To enable it first select “Settings” from the Gmail home page after you have logged in.


This opens up Gmail’s settings page, here select “Labs“.


Finally, check the enable box alongside the “Add any gadget by URL” box and then select “Save Changes“.


To add a gadget, head over to the “Gadgets” tab and paste the URL of the gadget into the box.


Now let us add some fun and useful third-party gadgets.

1. TwitterGadget

Twitter users can be fanatical about keeping up with their tweets. In this respect the TwitterGadget is ideal because it takes up little space and simply displays the latest tweets from those you follow.


Gadget URL:

2. Facebook

If you prefer Facebook, then be sure to add the gBook Facebook gadget which helps you keep track of all the status updates and notifications.


Gadget URL:

3. Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is a useful web service to help keep your life in order. There are mobile and desktop apps and now you can even add a RTM gadget to Gmail itself to ensure you don’t miss an important

The gadget allows you to add tasks, view your upcoming tasks, and delete completed tasks.

Gadget URL:

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  2. is there any easy way to ad the “Delete all Spam” link at the bottom of the spam page? I usually look through the spam list to make sure nothing I wanted ended up there, then I have to scroll all the way up to the top of the page to delete all spam.

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