Windows Talk: A Blu Ray Experience with Windows 7

By Rob Boirun for Windows Talk

First off it may be most obvious, but believe it or not I still get questions from people saying that their Blu-Ray movie won’t play from their DVD disc drive. Being in the biz I just want to smash some heads together because of the obvious oversight. However being the nice guy I am I politely explain how Blu-Ray is a totally different format and a Blu-Ray drive is necessary for this type of movie playback. I forget sometimes that not everyone is a geek. :)

So to give a quick overview of what you will need for Blu-Ray plaback on your Windows 7 box:

  • a Blu-Ray Burner or a BD-ROM drive (reader only)
  • Blu Ray Software for Blu Ray playback
  • a Blu Ray codec (usually MPEG-4 AVC or VC-1) these are mainly found in Blu Ray player software
  • a Video card that is HDCP compliant
  • a HD monitor or compatible HDTV
  • Types of Blu Ray Burners

    The first step to Blu Ray dominance on your PC starts with a Blu-Ray drive. With Blu-Ray slowly growing in popularity and becoming the format of choice for disc based movies, it is only natural for Blu-Ray hardware prices to come down. Today you can find BD burners for around $100 and BD-Rom drives for around $50. Just hit up your local computer store or do a search online for the best deals. Just make sure you get one!

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    This excerpt is shared with permission from Windows Talk.

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