Chris Pirillo: What’s Next in Home Networking?

Home networking used to be a matter of taking the phone jack out of one computer and sticking it in another. Over time, hubs and switches were made available to home consumers as prices dropped. This evolved into more elaborate router and home server setups and ultimately the wired and wireless hybrid networks found in many (if not most) homes today.

Home networking has certainly evolved. One of these evolutions is in how easy it is to configure the network through the use of tools built in to modern operating systems. In the past, having one system both see and send data to another system took some amount of time and know-how. Today, a simple wizard or guide can pretty much do everything from network discovery to multi-system file management with a few clicks.

What's Next in Home Networking?Having a network of two or three computers and even throwing the occasional LAN party at your home was all the rage at one point. Back then, gaming on the Internet often meant having to deal with heavy lag and countless connectivity problems. Today, Internet connections commonly include home routers that connect both wirelessly and through pre-installed connections wired through the walls. It’s more difficult to find a dedicated single-system modem than it would be to connect to a network.

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