Bob Rankin: Are You Drowning in Your Inbox?

How to Reduce Your Email Inbox Storage

Just as a diet involves eating less, de-cluttering your inbox starts with receiving less email. Most people can reduce their daily email loads by 20 per cent by simply unsubscribing from all the email newsletters, mailing lists, and other subscriptions they no longer read. Email notifications of Facebook posts, Twitter mentions, and other random events are unnecessary. Login to your account and turn that feature off.

Oh, and tell that friend who forwards every Internet rumor, joke, and chain letter that you don’t want to receive any more. Actually, you probably have several “friends” who regularly send you “amazing photos,” boring Powerpoint slideshows, and riveting videos of some Norwegian farmer whose tractor got stuck in the mud. Expect them to be offended, but brush that off quickly, because these things can chew up hundreds of megabytes of email storage. If you receive too many of these inbox cloggers, it can even cause emails that you DO want to be rejected with a “mailbox full” error.

Sorting and prioritizing email helps you work through it faster. Most email programs have powerful tools to help you sort email automatically.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from Bob Rankin.


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