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by Rob Boirun for BurnWorld.com

Backing up your iTunes music library is essential if you love your music collection. If malware overtakes your operating system and destroys vital data, you may have the recourse of System Restore. Failing that, you have to start from scratch with your computer in order to save it. This is easily done with a start-up disk in most cases, but all of your data is forfeit at that point. All iTunes files will be lost. This could be a huge amount of data encompassing music, photographs, videos, movies and memories contained therein. On top of that, if you have invested considerable money in purchasing your music directly from iTunes, you are at the mercy of Apple to allow you to restore all of your bought music.

They may or may not do this for you, and if they do, it’s likely that they will only do this for you once in your lifetime. That, at least, seems to be their policy. This could mean that if Apple is not in a particularly giving mood, and you have not backed up your data, you are out hundreds or potentially thousands of dollars. An external hard drive should be a standard inclusion with any computer, but it is not. This is something that you have to purchase separately and between losing money invested, and losing vital work or family files, it is definitely worth the investment. If you have neither an external hard drive back up, nor physical CD’s of your music, it’s just gone. This is the reason that Windows schedules regular system backups.

iTunes Can Be Backed Up to DVD, USB, HD, and More

Backing up iTunes or any other hard drive data can be done on any removable media. It can be done on DVDs, CDs, high-capacity flash drives, newer high-capacity SD cards, and external hard drives. By far, the most reliable option is the external hard drive. They do not cost as much anymore and you can purchase an external hard drive with 500GB of memory for under $100. By taking the time to backup your iTunes media to an external hard drive, you can preserve everything that you have been carrying around on your iPod, iPhone, iPad, and other media devices including cameras, camcorders, and any device that you may use for storage.

An iPod can easily be damaged, so it is necessary to backup iTunes files to an external data source. (And given the fact that the warranty on Apple products is dismal at best, unless you purchase the pricey Apple Cares product, damage to the product can be the end of your iDevice.) The external hard drive not only offers more memory capacity than any other removable media, it is sturdy and easy-to-use. Imagine if you had to start over after years of collecting music, pictures, TV shows, videos and movies? Don’t allow that to happen and simply invest in an external hard drive. What you need to do next is simple.

The Necessity of Making an iTunes Backup & How to/Article continued here

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  1. Backing up iTunes to an external HD is a good idea. Using this author’s approach is not a good idea. iTunes has an Export command that also saves the XML database. Use File>Library>Export LIbrary… That way you won’t lose all the other information you added to the iTunes database.

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