BurnWorld.com: The Limitations of Transferring Music & Video from iTunes


by Rob Boirun for BurnWorld.com

The main limitations of transferring media from iTunes lie in the inability to easily control how files are added to hard drives and partitioned hard drives. Additionally, synchronization of libraries is not a built-in feature in iTunes. There is no way to tag a library as a Main Library while treating other libraries as iPod libraries. Given that devices like the iPod are capable of supporting multimedia, this is a problem for users. If you can’t synchronize the various libraries, it makes transfer more of a challenge, but not impossible. Thus the need for a better iPod transfer software other than iTunes.

Apple has been moving into the arena of multimedia with a focused aggression that surpasses the hardware they produce. The ability to efficiently manage libraries across multiple drives is important for multimedia and iTunes is weak in this sense. Perhaps Apple should have added a Video library to complement the iTunes Music folder and this would have made things easier. Maybe this is in the works for the future, but for now it is something that is absent and frustrating. The question remains, what to do about it? It is a hassle, but you can create different folders for new content transfer.

Transferring a Pre Existing Library on iTunes/Article continued here

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