Windows Talk: What You Need to Know About Digital Audio Formats

By Rob Boirun for Windows Talk

Today in mid 2011 most everyone has a portable music player like an iPod or something similar, and most know that the most common file type for audio players are MP3 files. But many of you have been asking if there are better format to use and if certain audio file types are recommended over others for specific audio players. I’ll dive into what the more popular audio file types there are currently and what devices give you the best sound for each type.

What Happens When You Rip a Music CD?

The majority of audio CD can be ripped via iTunes, iTunes alternative or Windows Media Player, well at least all the DRM free audio discs. DRM is a copy protection that stands for Digital Rights Management and is found on some audio CD’s but the majority of discs are unprotected. When music is ripped by one of these applications you can usually choose which format to rip to in the settings. Windows Media Player by default uses the WMA format while iTunes uses the AAC format. However you can choose to tip wo MP3 or WAV file also. No matter what format you choose both music managers will connect to the online central database that stores all music information such as Artist, Songs Titles, Album Art, Composer, etc…, and try to fill in all the necessary data about your album.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from Windows Talk.

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