Windows Secrets Newsletter: Make the iPad work with your Windows gear

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By Woody Leonhard/Windows Secrets Newsletter

Getting an iPad to peacefully co-exist with your Windows gear is easier than you think.

With 500,000 or so iOS apps now available in the iTunes App Store — 100,000 of which are just for the iPad — and a whole lot of very smart people working on bridging the interplanetary gaps between Apple’s tablet and Windows, an iPad can be the best peripheral your PC ever had. Or vice-versa.

In my Aug. 18 Top Story, I talked about two apps that no iPad-owning Windows user should be without. iTunes on Windows not only tethers the iPad but can be used in clever ways to perform all sorts of magic on the tablet; TeamViewer lets you run your PC remotely from an iPad, from across the living room, or halfway around the world.

The response to that article was remarkably — but not surprisingly — bipolar!

Some of you thanked me for finally tackling the diminutive 800-pound gorilla that’s shaking the technological foundations of many companies, not to mention formerly Windows-only households such as mine.

Others felt I had melded with the Jobs Reality Distortion Field, luring readers into parting with their hard-earned shekels to support the devil’s spawn. More than a couple said that if I ever mentioned the “A” word again, they’d cancel their subscriptions!

Worlds are colliding, my friends, and we Windows veterans sit in the middle of it.

Here you have it, from a guy who’s written dozens of books and many, many hundreds of articles about Windows: the iPad’s a great product, even if you think of it only as a Windows peripheral. Some day, Android and Win8 tablets will do as well — or even better. But for now, the iPad offers all sorts of advantages to inveterate Windows users. That’s what these articles are about.

This week I’m going to tell you about a handful of iPad apps that I’ve found very useful. It’s far from a definitive list. And if you’ve discovered something that works for you, please mosey over to the Lounge and tell us all about it. More apps and tips to follow in future issues.

And yes, I’ll cover the Android and Win8 tablets, too, when the time is right. Promise.

Delivering PowerPoint presentations with an iPad/Article Continued Here:

This post is excerpted with permission from Windows Secrets.

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