BurnWorld.com: You Just Might Be a Digital DVD Pirate


by Rob Boirun for BurnWorld.com

When most of us think about Pirates a few names come to mind from stories we have heard such as the most recent Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, to the infamous Blackbeard to Long John Silver (yes he was a pirate, it’s not only a fast food fish chain). But in reality most of us might be a modern-day pirate without digital goods which include copying music CD’s and copy protected DVD movies to downloading music and videos online. While some of us know exactly what we are doing and since it’s hard to detect, we make a pirated copy of a disc without even blinking an eye. Yet others are oblivious that making a copy of something you own and giving it away is considered illegal according to the MPAA.

Pirating in the 21st Century

To bring awareness to those that are unaware and oblivious to what modern-day pirating is the movie industry recently began adding short 1-2 minute movie style videos to nearly all new movie released on DVD and Blu-Ray discs in addition to the initial video that plays with the warning video that it is illegal to copy and distribute this video without proper permission. In these new awareness videos a scene unfolds like this:

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This excerpt is shared with permission from burnworld.com.

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