4 Reasons I’ll Never Own a Mac

When I reflect upon myself honestly, I believe that I will always be a Windows user or to put it more bluntly, I don’t think that I will ever purchase an Apple computer. Here is my rationale. I am curious whether others might feel the same way.

1) Frugal. First off, I should tell you that I am very frugal. Like over the top frugal. I don’t like purchasing designer clothes, fancy jewelry and other ostentatious things. I am a business guy, and I know that the gross margins on these products are inflated because it plays to a person’s sense of self, and I avoid products like these as a rule because I always feel like I am overpaying. Just a quick scan of prices between PC’s and Apple show that Apples are consistently more expensive than its Windows counter parts.

2) Productivity. I have had a lot of computers in my life, and I imagine I will purchase many more in the future. The #1 reason by far why I own a computer is to make myself more productive. I can absorb large amounts of information quickly on a computer, and it is a fantastic tool for my creativity. When I am in front of a computer, I feel like there are no bounds to what I can dream of. So here’s a criticism of some Apple users. Not all Apple users, but at least some of them.

One day, I was in the airport in Rio de Janeiro waiting for my flight. It was April 2010, and the iPad had just been launched. There was a guy on the same flight as me, and suddenly he got on his feet in a dramatic sort of way. It was obvious he was trying to draw attention to himself. Slowly, and emphatically, he opened up his bag and pulled out his brand new iPad. He pulled it out and raised it well above his head while analyzing his new prized possession. I felt like at some point, he was be like a model on the runway showing off his latest designer glasses. BTW, he also had designer glasses.

I am picking on an iPad user but this behaviour is also common with Mac users. So back to my point. For me, my computer is about my productivity. For this guy, it was more an accessory to go with his pink scarf and goofy white shoes.

3) Standards. I am a main stream guy and I absolutely adore the adherence to standards in the computer space. Having been an executive at Gateway, we helped many of the standards on which the computer is built today. However in Apple’s world, they pick and choose the standards in an almost arbitrary fashion. There are two that irk me most.

Why in the h*ll can’t Apple use a standard mini USB connector for an iPod? After all, USB is internationally recognized and adopted standard. Would it be so much to ask that I can use the same mini USB cable that I use for my camera and Kindle also worked with my iPod?

Next, the iPad still to this day does not support Flash. I have started to use Flash on my personal web site, and PC Pitstop uses Flash for many of our broadband tests. Are all the Flash developers in the world supposed to look for jobs now that Apple decided that Flash was somehow sub par?

This is not so much a criticism about Macs themselves but the company that makes them. Best I can tell, Macs support the USB standard despite Apple’s prior support of the Firewire standard. I would venture to guess that if all Macs only supported Firewire that they would be far less popular.

4) Batteries. Some Mac laptops have non removable batteries. This is really bad news. For better or worse, battery technology has moved to Lithium Ion and has stuck there for the last decade. Lithium Ion is now found in all of our devices such as cell phones, wireless phones, e-readers, and off course laptops. Although Lithium Ion has certain advantages it has one huge disadvantage. Lithium Ion batteries have a set battery life. From the moment that the battery is manufactured, the clock begins ticking and it will ultimately die in a defined period of time. Historically and from personal experience, it seems that the life is about 2 years.

There is a myth out there that battery life is a function of use. That is not true, you can use the battery all you want or not at all and the battery life is about 2 years.

So here’s my beef with Apple. When I buy a new laptop, I know that it will last a little less than 2 years. After all, if the laptop has been sitting on the shelf for 6 months, then the battery only has about 18 months left. My problem is that after the battery dies, I want the option to put a new battery in the thing. Quite often, I hand down my old computers to other members of my family. I want that option, and now Apple has removed the option. Once the battery dies on certain Apple models, the machine just becomes useless.

Conclusion At the heart of the issue, is the old time tested question of form versus function. Or style versus substance. I know me, and I always have choosed substance over style and that goes for my computer too.

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138 thoughts on “4 Reasons I’ll Never Own a Mac

  1. In 1985, I bought a 1 meg Mac Plus while my friends were making-do with Commodor 64, (a piss-ant 64Kb) and Vic 20’s. @ 0.2 megs!!!

    While they fretted away with the preposterously absurd alfa-numeric finger dance, I moused along effortlessly. (Yea, yea, I know all about Xerox’s Parc that they’d tossed a closet, never again to see the light of day, “go for it”.)

    There arouse a stretch-the truth little mob, whom had been picking up more than loose change, attempting, (mostly
    unsucksessfully but it didn’t stop the cash-flow) pretending to dig their clients out of the hunt and pick, hand-cranker mire. They began to call themselves computer technicians. There indeed was money to be made, as they ‘splained to their clientele how to try to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

    We really can’t fault all of them, take Bill Gates. He found a pathway to an incomprehensible fortune, by duping an old Bay Area hippy couple, (they didn’t come close to riches) out of their laboriously compiled “OS”, and selling it to IBM as his, from where it flooded the adolescent PC market to waste untold billions of misspent hours of tedium.

    But Bill was smart, (duh), just look at Excel ‘fer Pete’s sake. Enormously powerful and agile, released the same year that I bought my Mac, I picked it up at the ’86 Mac expo, in ‘Frisco. Did the pathetic hand-cranker crowd like Excel? They never had a chance to find out, the elves that Bill put together to invent Excel, couldn’t make it work on the clump of wires and sparking things’s that comprised the leading edge of what would become the PC. They failed to make the hand-crankers powerful enough to run Excel until ’89! 4 years of lag time ’85-89, in consumer electronics is forever. Don’t cha’ know Bill just HATED that! Here in 2018, I’ve finally given up on them ever catching up.

    The “consultants” in shear terror, saw the hand writing on the wall and began to lie and wail about the fine little Mac. It didn’t need them, because the Mac never had a serious glitch, none that affected it’s consumers, the only ones that count. The consultants fabricated a constant flow of prevarications about the Mac, they just HAD to kill it. Here’s a typical cutie: In the beginning, the nerds, (I own a soldering iron m’self) cobbled together all their own little iteration of what they referred to as computers and just adored the cobbling. That inspired the conniving “consultants”. “Hey computer world, the Mac is a dumb little locked-box, you can’t dink around inside, whaddayuh think a’ them apples, huh?”. I just smiled at them, as I spent 15 minutes gutting my Mac to quadruple it’s power with a 4meg Killey (sp?, been a while) clip. I had a 4 meg computer, (still have it) when the majority of the worlds computers numbered themselves in kilobyts, whoo..eee.

    I could go on but it never changes. There always have been and always will be, odd ducks that that cannot exist unless they are running cross-grain against the obvious, some of them actually publish their stuff. They seldom align with anyone else, not even other odd ducks. Some publicly eat raw fish, while drawing all the attention that they can, while back home in the ‘fridge, there has never been a trace of smelly “sushi” to be consumed sans fawning audience. Some are so desperate for attention, that they cut holes in their jeans as a “cool fashion statement”. The later should not to be confused with the more confused adolescent mob that did the sheepy thing with their scissors too .

    Anyway, gotta’ love ’em all. As a lot, the cross-grain kiddies have made the majority of homosaps advancements, all sparingly salted amongst the kiddies monstrous wad of odd crap that dies young. You know, big-time stuff like discovering yurts (teepees held up by sticks on the inside) as the ultimate domicile and instruct all that will listen, that kale is food, lordy…..

    Gotta’ go, luv ya…..
    PS, the above is impromptu memory, that will be 79 next month, (the rest of me seems MUCH younger) but it’s very close to exactly what happened, with perhaps a minor deviation here of there….

  2. I am frugal as well and built quite a few PCs and purchased quite a few PCs and laptops, but the fact of the matter is, both my wife’s Mac Book Pro 17 Inch and my iMac are both in use after almost 10 years! None of my PCs have lasted that long and even if they had, the chances are I would have had to upgrade for Windows 7 or Windows 10 for them to even boot in the last 5 years is quite high. In fact, I only recently upgraded my memory in my iMac and it works well for what I need. It is much more efficient than my other PC that I have built or purchased.

    By far the best value at the time and I think the same is true today. I still have Windows laptops and servers, but honestly I think the best value for my money is a Mac…because in fact, I am extremely cheap, not just frugal, and I know I can get years and years of use out of a Mac, which I can’t say the same about the truly cheap Windows based products.

    • @Chris: In ’97 I purchased my first Windows based computer with ’95 installed. I continually had to upgrade, usually with new computers every two or three years and still keep a Windows on a touch screen laptop. With every upgrade saving all information and reloading all programs that I needed where a tiring experience. In 2007 I purchased a 20″ iMac and other than adding memory updated to the new operating programs, at no cost or only $19 for the first few upgrades and left the computer on 24/7 until three months ago when the computer finally gave it up. I considered the ease of upgrading and the life of the computer well worth the additional cost in addition to the ease of installing new programs that didn’t need hours to load. I replaced it with a new iMac, restored my last backup to time machine and had every program that was on my old iMac operational in less than an hour without needing to sit at the computer and monitor what was going on. A few programs needed the purchase info restored but that took seconds and was done the first time I opened the program.

      About the same time a friend, who is totally computer illiterate, bought a new Windows 10 computer and I spent two days helping him get everything on it that was on his old one. It would have taken longer if we hadn’t been able to still use his old computer and connect them wirelessly. He’s still cussing his new, and old, computers!

      Diehard Windows users can say all they want about Macs but they’re only trying to convince themselves they’ve made the right choice. The old problems of unavailable programs was virtually eliminated once Apple went to installing Intel processors and that old argument is now mute!

    • @Chris: Well I can’t speak for everyone concerned, but you might find it interesting that I own a Windows XP machine that ran like a champ for many years. With a couple VERY inexpensive upgrades, less than 50 dollars, this same machine is running Windows 7 like it was new. WinXp was released in 2001 and Win7 was released in 2009. So it would seem that I have a Windows PC that has spanned 8 years and still running strong. It cost me a lot less than a Mac and has stood the test of time. Dude, I got a Dell.

  3. Life long PC user (over 2 decades)who just switched to Mac. After the abomination of windows 10, I called it quits.

    Could not be happier with my new Mac. Unless you’re a gamer, or use rare software, I feel bad for you if you haven’t switched to Mac. The learning curv is rediculously simple.

    I talked a lot of sh!t about Apple for a lot of years. Happier than you know to be eating crow.

    If you’re not a gamer, make the switch, you’ll be happy you did.

  4. Everyone has different experience’s in life! For me I could never work or keep any PC’s working for an extended period of time (i.e. 6 months or longer) I used my first Mac back in the early 90’s and finally bought one. Although I’ve update to newer Mac’s the old one still works, my grand kids ply on it each day! Between my wife & I we’ve purchased several Gateway & Dell computers plus software only to have to sell them or throw them away in short order. The Mac I’m using now is over 10 years old and still humming along, nuff said!

  5. You’re missing out big time if your not using Apple technology or products. Have you noticed how most good schools, Universities use Apple PC’s. I can’t even imagine how much further we would have been if Windows had not been invented. Pure junk. Wish Apple pc,s were more affordable though. Guess they can name their price since there technology is so much more superior to Microsoft. Awesome products. Well thought out and high quality.

    • Yes, lots of schools have Macs. That’s because Apple has always provided their computers to schools at HUGE discounts. They realized long ago that if they get young people using Macs early, they will be ill-equipped to use any other kind of computer, and therefore likely to keep buying Macs for the rest of their lives. Insidious, but good a business move by Apple.

      • @Jeff: If you consider a 17%-20% discount “huge” then you’ve got a problem. That is the largest discount Apple has offered anybody that I am aware of for any product.

        • Those are just the published discounts. Apple has entered into special pricing arrangements with educational institutions that were setting up computer labs where the discounts were a lot better than 20%. Still, 20% is pretty huge, and if you think someone thinking that has a problem, then you have a problem. Tag, you’re it.

      • @Jeff: @Bill C.: And yet when the kids went home they all still bought PCs. I remember someone making a joke about that saying no one wants something they HAD to use in schools.
        To call it a good business move is crazy. Apple sales have always been crap until recently when they started acting more like microsoft. Advertized and hype a crap product like the iPhone.
        Just like when win95 came out, people were lining up around the block at midnight to buy it and it was an over-priced piece of junk that could do barely more than anything else.
        Technically you can’t do more with an apple than any other computer. It just takes so long to make software that companies will choose to target the audience that will buy it. So artsy stuff usually is made for the Mac, but not because windows couldn’t do the exact same thing.
        I laughed out loud once years back when I had to use a mac for the first time at a college. The mouse had only one button. I thought it was a joke.
        It’s still dumbed down for the non tech savvy buyer. A flip camera for computers if you will.

      • @Jeff: That is not true, my children can use Mac or Windows devices. Given the fact the move is to cloud based interaction, the platform doesn’t matter as much. It is nearly transparent.

  6. The first computer I saw was my brothers apple, which had a cassette tape deck to store information. Since the early 80's I have worked with Windows. Imagine the surprise when graphic interface and the mouse came out on the market. I was forced to use MACS when I was in graphic design school. Yes, I hated it because I was not familiar with them. I cursed them for years. Now, I use both and yes, they both have their ups and downs as does everything else in life. I just feel complaining about which computer I use is waste of my time. I just learned to use both and now I really do not care because a computer is what you make of it. Yes, I use Imovie, photoshop, etc. and don't discriminate what computer I use. I still remember when this argument begin and I still find humor in it. My friends use to make mac vs. pc's videos. All I can say is "same game, different players". Enjoy whatever you have and don't worry about the rest.

  7. When did this guy check out mac and apple devices, 2002? These myths are so out dated and inaccurate that this author should be embarrassed he even wrote this ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL

  8. Last time I used a Mac was 10 years ago.
    It was a complete nightmare.
    MacOS sucks *ss. Windows is 100 times easier to work with.
    I swore right then and there I would never use a Mac again.

    • @JJ: Poor boy. You really don’t know what you’re missing, do you?

      The Mac of today is not the Mac of 10 years ago, and even that one was better than the Windows of its time.

      • @Vulpine: Really? Because I remember it having a single button on the mouse. I thought it was a joke, but the mac guy next to me was seriously like, “How many do you need?”
        Oh My God. It’s a computer for morons really.

  9. What an utter pile of rubbish this article is.

    1) YES Macs are more expensive. So what? When you purchase a Mac you are buying the entire package. The hardware, the software, the ease of use, the great customer service.

    2) Productivity – This point is utter rubbish. Sure if you use proprietary applications from 1998 there may not be a Mac equivalent. You can spout that BS that macs are for untechnical folk either. If you look at a lot of the tech industry there are probably many mac users within it. Look at the web industry, from my personal experience the amount of web devs (both developers and designers) that prefer mac’s and won’t touch windows pc’s with a barge pole is 10 to 1!

    Mac are SO much more reliable than even well built windows machines. I’ve been a system builder years and I used to hate Macs – then I actually tried one and my productivity for work has never been higher.

    Also, you really base your purchases off of the actions of a few users of a product or brand? Wow, thats foolish.

    3) Yes, perhaps a standard USB connector would be great on iDevices. However, this point clashes with your point about flash. Apple is PUSHING WEB STANDARDS – one of the main reasons it won’t implement flash on iOS (other reasons including flash is probably the largest venerability around, and that it hogs CPU time and thus battery like absolute turd). Apple wants developers to embrace the HTML5 standards and not help people buy into the property, closed system that is Flash.

    4) Batteries – You obviously have zero experience with Apple computers so I’ll just say this. My Summer 09 MacBookPro has been used EVERY DAY, since July 2009, for probably 10-12 hours and my battery health is only down to 86%. If a battery goes in a Window slap top, you’ll have to buy a new one right? If a battery goes in a MacBook – BUY A NEW ONE. You can replace it even if it isn’t meant to be removed – or you could take it to apple and ask them to replace it. If your machines not that old they may even offer to do it for free (From my experience Apples customer service is second to none.)

    So before you write an article next time, try actually using the device your about to slag off. I can’t believe I wasted 10 minutes of my life reading your trollop.

    Now I remember why I don’t read PC-Pitstop anymore. The content is dire. *Unsubscribes*.

    [ /rage]

    • Pro Mac users are so funny. they get so bent out of shape when you say anything back about MAC.

      Fact is apple ties your hands, so if you like being controled and guilded to what somone else feels is best for you then sure go mac, be a sheep let them guide you to the safe places lol.

      Personally I like to be able to do what ever I want to on my equipment i paid for and if i tear it up its my own fault.

      Apple wants control of yoru equipment even after you purchase it. If you need somone holding your hand making sure you don’t break stuff then mac is for you.

      What you cant do, you cant build a top of the line machine and put MAC OS on it. not allowed.

      You cant give your self the best video card available so when you are doing movie production type renderings yoru stuck with what apple says you should use.

      The OS may or may not be the best, but because they want total control and micro manage your hardware, only those with sheep mentality will use macs.

      • @James:
        “James says:
        November 2, 2011 at 6:08 am
        Pro Mac users are so funny. they get so bent out of shape when you say anything back about MAC.

        Fact is apple ties your hands, so if you like being controled and guilded to what somone else feels is best for you then sure go mac, be a sheep let them guide you to the safe places lol.

        Personally I like to be able to do what ever I want to on my equipment i paid for and if i tear it up its my own fault.

        Apple wants control of yoru equipment even after you purchase it. If you need somone holding your hand making sure you don’t break stuff then mac is for you.

        What you cant do, you cant build a top of the line machine and put MAC OS on it. not allowed.

        You cant give your self the best video card available so when you are doing movie production type renderings yoru stuck with what apple says you should use.

        The OS may or may not be the best, but because they want total control and micro manage your hardware, only those with sheep mentality will use macs.”

        Ok, let’s look at your arguments:
        * First off, you’re typing so fast in your rage that you’re misspelling like crazy–offering a totally emotional response without any logic or reasoning in it.
        * Apple ties your hands and treats you like sheep, yet Apple gives you the freedom of usage without the incessant concerns of viruses and malware that so inflict Windows users’ machines while Microsoft’s huge flock of sheep rely on weak shepherds and inefficient sheep dogs to keep that flock in check–hardly noticing that their flock is shrinking on a daily basis. Who, really, is tying your hands?
        * Now here, really, is your core argument: you want the ability to tear up your machine and play with it as you will. Well guess what, that’s what Windows and Linux are for–the techie-minded people who want to work under the hoods of their devices. The problem is, you’re the exception, not the rule, as evidenced by the fact that the IT department of Windows-centric businesses are the single largest loss-producing, costly departments in industry–the regular user simply doesn’t have the know-how to maintain their own machines and have to rely heavily on paid technicians to keep them running. When you have a company who’s best policy for a dead PC is to “re-image it”, that company has failed to provide the best possible product for their employees. With Time Machine, a Mac can be back up and running much more quickly after a hard drive replacement–taking a fraction of the total time of repair for most Windows PCs even with re-imaging the drive. The user gets the freedom of significantly-improved productivity and the company gets the freedom of greatly reduced maintenance costs.
        * This argument falls into the one above–crawling under your own hood. Again, most people don’t really know or care what’s under the hood, as long as it works right and works reliably. Business especially could hardly care less about a “new video card” unless they’re a graphics-oriented business, and even then they’re more likely to be using Macs than Windows PCs for the simple ease of use.
        * It’s interesting that you mention Apple and movie rendering, since most documentary films are produced on Macs–quite often Macbook Pro, not a desktop–and even some commercial films have been rendered on Macs–“Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” actually created and storyboarded on an old Mac, as well as some production video. The point is that it’s not the video card that makes the difference, it’s the quality of the software producing and editing that video. The video card only affects the rendering speed.

        So the micro-managers are not Apple, but rather the techies who feel they have to stick their fingers into every light socket to see how it works. The users aren’t sheep, they’re the foxes who know how to get things done with the least effort; they’re the wolves who prey on those sheep and nibble away at the flock. They’re the bulls who butt their way through that barbed-wire fence to show the sheep they have another choice in how they can live online. No, Apple doesn’t have a flock of sheep, Microsoft does–and the predators are eating away that flock.

  10. Final decision:
    Mac is for those who are rich, and are capable of putting a $2000 hunk of laptop in somebody’s hands after it dies. And, after dealing with “customer service”, is able to upgrade.

    Windows is for those who want to upgrade all the time, and are willing to work on things themselves. Y’know, get your hands dirty by digging through your case to get the wires set up. Installing drivers and making it a beast inside and outside with expansions and such.

    Windows is good for those who can adjust to working on it and have really good patience. Mac is for those who just don’t care and want something they can show off and STILL work/have fun with. It’s like a belt. It looks good and is easy to customize/show off. But it has a purpose.

  11. Two more practical matters:
    1. I really don’t like standard Apple keyboards (2011 anyway). (And I’m not a touch-typer either.)
    2. I have used PCs since DOS 2.?? and have a lot of experience with DOS/Windows. Learning a whole new keyboard/mouse combo – why? Even linux etc. is similar to Windos.

  12. @Colby: Unsubscribe because of one artical? Be real. Learn to self edit and sift thru the junk. Nothing in real life is 100% perfect and the true gem in this artical is in the reader responses.

  13. I’ve always liked windows since I helped my dad build a windows 98 PC when I was 7. I could spend 500 bucks on a new laptop with 4gb RAM, 500gb SSD (put in myself) and a decent chipset. OR pay 500 bucks for 2gb RAM, 100gb SSD, horrible service and a non-linux friendly board. I hate apple services, my father wanted to get the battery repaired on his iphone and they said “no, that will cost **** amount if you didn’t pay 199.99 for our extended warranty first”. Sorry, I just like windows.

    • Seriously, what does an iPhone battery have to do with laptops?

      You are comparing two different things. Have you tried to get the battery replaced on a Macintosh? If not, then you really have nothing to compare Microsoft to Apple with. You sound like a Windows “fanboi.”

      Next time, sit down and think about what you are typing and make things a little more objective. You could start by doing a list of pros and cons, without lying to yourself, and see how much you like one more than the other. I started off with Windows back in 1998 and didn’t use Mac until 2010–well over 10 years. I was once just like you, thinking that Mac’s sucked. When I did get my Macintosh I loved it and proved to myself I was wrong all along.

      I am A+ certified, among others, and have no problem using a Mac or Windows. I just prefer OS X, and the software that runs on the platform.

      “Don’t knock it until you try it.”

      Typed on a MacBook Air, but not by a fanboy.

  14. You missed the most important reason to not own a MAC. It has limited software only allowed by Jobs on HIS computer. You just borrow it is how he seems to feel about the Apple products. I have software I’ve written way back in 1985 that I still run on my PC. If the things I use my PC for were allowed by Jobs on his Mac’s, then why should I spend thousands of dollars to buy a machine that wasn’t an improvement over what I already use. People running around with apple laptops think the only use for a computer is playing online. For them, I guess it’s OK, but if you ever need to do any real computing on the device don’t ask your buddies over in Starbucks how unless your prepared for a load of bullshit.

  15. Dude!! Function first is one thing; grammatical ignorance is another. You only undermine your already questionable argument with a boner like “I always have choosed…” versus the 4th grade grammar lesson “I always have CHOSEN…”

  16. Here’s the hard facts:
    Estimates for 2011 Note: These are current-year sales estimates, not accumulative usage share for all PCs that are in use.
    In August 2011, Gartner estimated Apple’s PC market share in US as 10.7% for Q2 2011. Apple’s worldwide market share not listed, because not in top 5; can infer is 5% or below. Gartner’s numbers include netbooks, but do not include media tablets such as the iPad. Total units in Q2 2011 from all vendors ~ 85 million.[3]

    “A Gartner forecast calls for Mac OS to ship on 4.5 percent of new PCs worldwide in 2011 and 5.2 percent in 2015. Gartner does not expect Google Chrome OS, Google Android or HP’s webOS to get ‘any significant market share’ on PCs in the next few years, and expects Linux operating systems to remain at less than 2 percent share over the next several years.”[4]

    Apple reports selling 4 million Macs in Q2 2011 (which is third quarter in Apple’s fiscal year).[5]
    Seems like nearly 90% of the US are PC’s and nearly 95% of the world.

  17. Lot’s of emotional outburst here. Facts are, Macs are for those with limited application needs and little technical expertise. You can’t do what we do as CPAs with an expensive cult toy. No real business uses Macs, there are simply too few business applications available. Once you incorporate into a Mac the capabilities required to run business apps, the Mac will inevitably bog down and be even slower than it already is. I have two clients (husband & wife, separate businesses) that each bought a Mac for their respective small businesses, both now use Quickbooks for Mac. Now they can’t get a backup CD to me to use in preparing their tax returns, can’t figure out how to open a PDF, can’t figure out how to create a PDF. Oh sure, the capability is supposedly built-in, but it doesn’t work reliably.

    I have another client who just bought a new iPad and a new iPhone. She just can’t get enough of shoving it in my face. I don’t give a rats behind about browsing the net with a 3″ screen, about taking photos with a
    comparatively low pixel count camera with a plastic fixed focal length lens (I use a Canon DSLR when I want to enjoy my hobby), or the tinny sound of a tiny speaker (I have a $20K A/V system at home for that hobby), so I just use my fast as hell Dell desktop computer to do all the things I need to do at work so I can afford to buy REAL cameras and REAL A/V systems and browse the net with a REAL computer at home – another fast as hell Dell desktop. BTW, after trying to use laptops in my business for several years, I learned one thing, they aren’t practical. Fragile, slow, battery dependent. ‘Nuff said.

  18. Just made upgrade to my home built PC, replace board,CPU Ram and power supply 1.5t hard drive for $482.88.75 all i needed to do was plug in hard drive.copy old drive to New drive.This is why I used a PC they are so easy to build.
    AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Deneb 3.2GHz 4 x 512KB L2 Cache 6MB L3 Cache Socket AM3 125W Quad-Core Processor HDZ955FBGMBOX

    Board ASUS

    8GB Ram

    600W powersupply
    Use old case DVD drive and CD/RW/DVD drive

    Old PC was built in 2004 It coast little over $500.00

  19. I don’t get what problems have with WindowsXP so much. I bought my computer back in 2005 and still use it today just fine. I’ve had only 3 computers since 1995. With the notable exception of WinME the OS’s have never given me much problems. And XP work fine. I don’t know why everyone else seems to keep having problems.
    I don’t even bother with an antivirus as I know how to avoid downloading programs that are questionable or from unknown sources.
    Yeah, maybe the software needs to be updated and patched always to fix these security holes that do get found, but that isn’t an issue for me as it rarely requires any work on my part.

    My only time I used a Mac was about 15 years ago in college just for one day and the thing had one button on the mouse. I laughed about it to the guy next to me. He was obviously a mac fan and said quite seriously, “how many do you need?” To explain the benefits of options shouldn’t be needed. Now macs may have finally come around as more people are using them and there is probably more software options available. But much like the article I like productivity. I COULD get a free linux to save money, but I’d spend about 2 weeks of my lifetime dealing with learning the nuances of it. Time is money. I’d rather pay a bit for what I already know how to use then tinker with the latest greatest.
    This is similar to Firefox and chrome. They have benefits over whatever is the current “best” browser. But I can still get to the sites I want with what I have. They work fine. The advantages don’t factor in that I don’t want to keep learning whatever is the latest bestest thing you just have to have.

    Overall from my lifetime experience in this world of computers, I don’t see so much better things coming from mac users that would convince me to spend that much more for propriety software. I need to buy the mac, then the software and the time spent learning how to use all the stuff I already know how to do.

    From I understand Macs are really pretty tho. And have cool sleek user interfaces. But to say it’s easier to work with when you already know how to do it with what you do have isn’t a strong argument. The argument that Macs are easier to learn is also weak, since who hasn’t used a computer already by now. Everyone knows that ease of use is very subjective anyway.

    Apple seems to be heading in the microsoft direction of world domination, so eventually they may become the better choice if they are ubiquitous.

      • @Chris: Yeah I still use XP. The dire warnings that all systems running XP would be hacked into in a matter of seconds after support ended just never bore any fruit. I wouldn’t ever want to “upgrade” to Win10 anyway. It’s interface is akin to windows 1.0.
        I may not be able to play the latest games, but then I never really paid for many of them anyway. I can still watch videos, etc. The main problems with an older computer is that every website feels the need to require a supercomputer just to load up and display a terrible interface (like youtube’s new one) that’s really designed for tablets with the overly large buttons everywhere.
        I’d only would bother to upgrade by buying a new computer and take whatever came with that. Unfortunately that would mean I couldn’t get win7. The last decent interface windows had. Pretty much everyone that hears that I have XP will say that it was the best OS windows made. Apparently no one likes anything that was win8+.

  20. I thought I’d enjoy your rant as I do like all the emotion the apple v microsoft stirs up, but it was a little LOL a lot biased. I primarily use win7 on my PCs and still have machines with XP at work, but I also have a mac. I enjoy tinkering with everything in my pcs and endlessly improving (or ruining) it and figuring out how to solve bugs etc myself. The mac sadly is more how computers will be in the future as people like us who grew up as computers have evolved disappear. The mac is becoming a turn on, run whatever program you need, turn off, get on with your life…. and never even think about there being an operating system behind it all, type of experience. It’s not for everyone, but they’re doing something right, plus from an engineering viewpoint the unibodys are beautiful things to hold.

  21. Good Articles with good points. I have worked with computers for 32 years and been A+ certified Tech for 17 years. 2 years ago, I worked, briefly, as an Apple Repair tech. Let me tell you this about Apple Hardware: Beauty is only skin deep. All Apple computers experience failure rates greater than 15% in their first 24 months of service, VS less than 5% for PCs and PC notebooks. All Apple computers have terrible cooling capability and purposely destroy themselves with heat, even Power PCs with huge fans, as the chipsets are on the underside of the system board! All iMacs with intel CPUs have an OPEN CIRCUIT PANEL power supply, so none of them carry an electrical certification (like: UL, TUV, CB, etc). Further, I have opened 3 iMacs, out of about 300 worked on, where the lack of a metal box (spark arrester) around the power supply had led to entire interior being destroyed, including a BBQed HDD (say goodbye to that data!). Makes me wonder how many offices have been set abaze by an iMac left on in the middle of the night! Not to mention every iMac repair tech I know has been electrocuted by those open power supplies many times. Some Greedy lawyers should form a class action law suit against apple for all the nerve damage caused to techs because of this! Further still, The Mac book pro has half the features of my Toshiba at 3 times the cost! I can put 2 HDDs in the 17 inch Toshiba in less than 60 seconds, but have to completely disassemble a Macbook to install just one HDD and replace 4 ribbon cables as they are the one use only kind. Did your Apple Service center do that when you upgraded your Mac-books HDD?!?!? bet they didn’t, and so let me guess: now your sound system has an issue? HAHAHAHA …

  22. I avoided buying a mac for many years, I did want one though! I finally broke down and bought a macbook pro. I DJ on the side and the laptops with windows just didn’t cut it. I have to run software and a controller to DJ (sometimes stream music as well) and the Macbook pro has been flawless – worth every penny so far! I don’t just use it to email or whatever that person said earlier that mac users are good with. I design flyers, edit photos, and of course the big one, DJing. Im also not one that ever thought it was a status symbol (even though I am very much into fashion, mac just doesn’t seem to be what I would consider an accessory, its a necessity for me) I use windows and linux at work so Im really familiar with all of them but once you learn mac – it is the easiest worry free computer I have ever used. I do wish there was an extra usb port and I do miss somethings about windows 7. The battery I have yet to run into a problem with but it does have 7+ hours when it is fully charged, I cant complain even if I do have to pay apple to change the battery. They are expensive but you get what you pay for especially in my instance. I needed a reliable powerhouse and I got it ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. The benefit of Apple is that they sell an entire system – hardware, software, everything, all in one nice box. As a result, it (usually?) works with itself fine. And they charge a fee for making that system.
    The bad thing about Apple is that they sell an entire system – meaning you can’t easily add or subtract, trade, fix, or integrate with others. And that they charge a fee for making the system (which some ppl don’t want).
    Personally I’m cheap, I like the idea of replacable parts, I like being able to run more things at the cost of potential crashes, and I hate fanboys of any type.

  24. My Dell Vostro 1510 laptop with Windows Vista Business takes 4-5 mins to startup and 3-4 mins to shut down. Is this a fault of Dell or Microsoft? Obviously it’s Microsoft. Apple users refer to MS Windows as “Windose”. I agree with them. Further, I think Microsoft creates user unfriendly software and Apple creates user friendly software. Look at how friendly the iPhone and iPad are. Apple is a creative company. Microsoft is a follower. Apple laptops startup in 30 seconds and shut down in 15 second. How’s that for an increase productivity. I have not had an Apple for many years because they lacked a userbase. Now they are outselling PCs. My next laptop will be made by Apple. I can run MS Windose on it during my process of weening from Microsoft.

    • Seriously, it takes that long for a windows to start-up and shut-down? No wonder, coz you have too many software installed!!!!

      FYI, When i first installed XP pro sp3 in a brand new pc with just MSOffice, the start-up is like less than 30 secs and shut-down is like 15-25 secs. It has been 4 years (with lots of installs and uninstalls) and now my pc takes 2 minutes to start-up and 3-4 minutes to shut-down. IF i formatted and reinstalled it fresh with just XP and Office…it will still beat any MAC out there.

      Apples will also take that long if you have that many software installed. Be realistic. Apple uses the linux OS as its base. Its the same.

  25. From 1986 until 2008 I used PCs. Then I got fed up with dealing with the slow-downs and the virus software and firewalls. It seemed that after loading a few pieces of software on the computer and trying out a few other pieces that would never completely uninstall, I had a computer that had gone from fast to the speed of a Galapagos tortoise. And I never could get the speed back. I also got tired of jumping through Microsoft’s licensing hoops. On the Mac, you buy the OS once (for $30) and you install it on as many computers as you want.

    My first iMac, purchased in 2008, works as fast today as it did the day I bought it. My MacBook Pro, purchased in 2009, is the same way. While I would like to be able to purchase cheap computers again, I don’t want to have to deal with the headaches Windows brings. I haven’t used a PC OS since XP, so maybe the old problems with Windows no longer exist. I’d love to know that if it’s so. And, frankly, there were some things about the Windows OSes that I did like better, like the interoperability of different programs, which Apple doesn’t allow apparently for reasons involving security against viruses. So there are trade-offs with any OS. You have to pick and choose the ones that matter most to you and go with that. On the whole, though, the Macs have been rock solid and, as they say, they “just work.” Configuration and other problems are a fraction of what they were with Windows, and I don’t spend a tenth of the time researching problems with my computers that I spent when I was using XP and earlier Windows OSes.

    • Ferdinand: Anyone can load any MicroSoft OS as many times as they wish on as many computers as one wishes. A very old fallacy that many fall for and MicroSoft sure doesn’t mind the fallacy being fostered by those that don’t know any better. Try to understand how your PC works and you’ll find it much more useful then a Mac.

  26. Here are the reason I stray away from a Mac:

    If the hardware breaks – I’m not allowed to fix it. I have to pay a ridiculous amount to have it fixed with apporved Mac parts. Joke!!!

    Apples closed culture – Why would I want to buy Windows 7 – install it on a Mac (bootcamp) in order to play a Bluray on my Mac? Mac works because they control the culture – however brainy – innovative, techie type people are limited.

    No thanks Apple – cute, and I love GarageBand but….it’s not worth it to me.

  27. Hmm. Both sides wrong on this one. The human brain; it’s installed at conception. It has no software, the instructions are hardwired, and it reconfigures itself.

    The computers, Apple or other PCs, built to get a robot to clumsily walk weigh a quarter ton – maybe a little less. Brain pilots humans, humans who pilot other machines.

    The human brain invented Macs and other PCs.

    I began to use my brain for some of the jobs I previously used a Mac or other PC to do. It is refreshing.

    So I can’t access the internet with just my brain. I can play mental chess, checkers. The brain is a wonderful word processor; it’s as fast as I think, therefore I am happy.

    I use PCs, Mac and Window, for the less exciting jobs, and as support for the fun: thought.

    • Do you actually have anything remotely interesting to say or were you just stoned or on a different planet when you wrote this comment?

  28. I dont think alot of you guys posting “got” the article…it was posted as a factual argument against owning an Apple product, it was written as the writers reasons he wont own one. he did not mention anything about being fact, just what he percieves to be huge problems for him, personally. As for the guy at the airport… if he was wearing designer glasses, a pink scarf and white shoes, id be willing to bet it all that he was / is an attention whore and chanced are very high that he did buy the Ipad just because he wanted the attention. I know as well as anyone that not all Apple products users are just buying them just because. theres tons of folks who buy stuff because they are too lazy to do any research and sice to them at least, it seems Apples are the most popular, they must be the best so off they go to the Apple store. So, whatever system you like, you like… there really is no reason to go one way or the other, both systems are great, its all about what features and functions you want / like. But, just an FYI, the whole Apple battery issue really stinks and Apple really should get a clue and allow users to change the batteries themselves, c’mon Apple, you cant be that greedy… can you?

  29. Corporate business stands (or falls) on its backbone of standardisation.

    Businesses (and sysadmins) don’t care whether someone likes Macs, Windows, Linux or anything else – they only care that they all play nicely together and that the users can work productively with them.

    Apple: native support for Exchange 2003 was dropped from Snow Leopard onwards despite Exchange 2003 having more live installations than later versions when Apple released it. If you want Exchange emails, you need Entourage as part of MS Office for the Mac.

    Entourage: drops support for previous versions of Exchange in the most recent version of the application, so anyone on Exchange 2003 (for example) can’t use Office 2011 for the Mac because, quite simply, native support for it has been dropped. Office/Entourage 2008 only if you still use Exchange 2003…

    MS Office for the Mac: doesn’t play 100% with MS Office on Windows and introduces document anomalies in formatting between versions/platforms. On shared networks it can also bring various share problems with Windows users after documents have been edited on the Mac.

    iPad: version 1 didn’t even have a camera. Version 2 does, but has no native support for USB or flash memory and can’t print out of the box. You need an app for that…

    What’s in a Apple ?

    Time was Apple meant hardware and software. When their hardware was left standing by Intel’s faster processors things had to change. These days you can buy certain Dell PCs (at far lower cost) and install Snow Leopard or Lion with little or no messing around.

    So Apple MacBook and iMac ranges are now simply an Intel PC at their core with an HD screen and a more attractive (subjective) case, at much higher prices.

    Keynote: the killer Apple application that is the only reason why businesses should (IMHO) be interested at all in Mac computers.

    Businesses flourish on standards where X + Y = repeatable and dependable results every time. Apple and the software it runs to tie into your typical business backbone fails the “it just works” brief by a country mile.

    Netbooks: useful beyond words to people like me. Mine was one quarter the price of Apple’s closest offering and gives me twice the battery life of Apple’s counterpart product. Mine triple boots XP Pro, Windows 7 Pro and Linux offering me any and all of the tools I might even need for network management, diagnostics, productivity and leisure, with a 10 hour battery life (actual, not just claimed). Apple’s option is prettier, offers me less connectivity options, half the battery life at almost four times the price.

    For the record I own and work with Mac, Linux and Windows machines and I look after several very large and complex infrastructures and, for my money, give me an all Windows environment or a Windows/Linux stack any day of the week. Fewer problems arise as a result.

    Home users who surf the web, send emails and faff around with music collections (and who don’t mind getting trapped in the whole iTunes fiasco) are fine with a Mac.

    Business users who want to be able to employ standards that work across the board aren’t, unless their entire underlying backbone isn’t Microsoft.

    You can achieve broadly similar results no matter what your preference for operating system is as an individual, provided you know how to use your applications, but anyone who raves about Macs has never tried to use them in anger in a large business environment with a Microsoft or mixed Microsoft Linux underlying infrastructure.

    I’d happily throttle whoever came up with the “it just works” strap-line because, quite frankly, it doesn’t.

    Bottom line: I’m not shallow enough to give a fig what anyone thinks of the kit I work with – I need to know I can depend on it to do what needs to be done within the environments I work. Windows does that for me with far fewer issues than my Macs, so in the interests of a commercially simpler life and higher productivity I have no sensible alternative. At home I have the luxury of whatever choice I wish to make – in business where productivity and stability within the working environment is key, that is not a personal option.

    In case anyone was wondering, I like Macs.

    A lot.

    A lot of folks need to understand the fundamental differences in personal preference, marketing hype, and something that does what it says on the tin within the realms of your typical working environment.

    But what do I know, right ?

    • Very nicely put. I work in the publishing business and even though the programs I use are available for Mac and PC (I use both, by the way) I much prefer the ease of operation on the Mac. With Photoshop there is no comparison! I travel to both Costa Rica and Germany on a regular basis and take a 10 inch notebook with Windows XP. I don’t have to share it with anyone so the Windows platform is fine.

      My son, who is a programmer, travels to the orient and has found that for his purposes the MacBook Pro is his choice. He can put it in any language so he can let his clients work with his laptop in their own language. I know how much of an advantage this would be because I’ve had times when traveling in Latin America when I had to use a computer that was programmed in Spanish. Even though I lived there for over 12 years and am quite proficient in Spanish it’s a considerable disadvantage to have to rely on it for technical issues.

  30. It’s such a shame that so many people have to feel they belong by owning Apple products. The vast majority of them are “sheep”, and there are better and cheaper products out there. I hated the early Mac computer and will never buy anything from Apple, and I find them to be even more money grabbing then Microsoft, and that tells you something.

  31. Having never bought into iPod, iPad and iPhone on the grounds that these products are totally unecessary to life as effecient life is about organization I can to a certain extent agree.
    The idea that a battery is not replaceable and a mini USB cannot be used in all cases also would wind me up.
    As for Flash I personally feel this is the worst form of Web Design ever introduced.
    As for Windows I only use 98se or XP as Windows themselves create situations where they will disable your machine if you happen to change HD configuration, ie Partitioning or adding hardware.
    So I am now mainly a Linux user on a Gateway PC or IBM laptop.
    I still use a Pentium III Gateway PC with 6xx of RAM so when I enter a Flash site that takes forever to load I simply leave the site.

    There is not need to upgrade my PC it works just fine with whatever OS I boot into. It is the websites that are the problem. Flash and Ajax being the worst culprits.

  32. As an IT person, I view computers……Win or Mac as tools plain and simple. What I have noticed over the years is the cult like behavior of fruit worshipers. In my life I have NEVER tried to tell a person what computing platform to use. Yet, in my line of work, EVERY FREAKING MAC user that I have come across has tried to “CONVERT” me to the fruit. Strange, because most Windows users could care less what OS or brand you are using. The author of this piece states his reasons for HIM……NOT YOU, will ever buy a mac. I agree with his reasoning. Then again you may be different and those reasons may not be valid for YOU. Granted, the title of this piece is flame bait, and I fully expected iTards to come out of the woodwork on this one. This whole “I am a better person than you because of my choice of electronics”, is indicative of a cult. Don’t believe me? Why are there websites called Cult of Mac? Why do YOU, a Mac user care what I use……or WHY I use it? I have my reasons and I respect your reasons for owning a Mac. I use Ubuntu and Win 7 and I have ZERO problems. ZERO BSOD’s and ZERO compatibility problems. So why am I inferior in the eyes of EVERY Mac user? Bigotry plain and simple. You hear the word every day. Look it up. “A bigot is a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices, especially one exhibiting intolerance, and animosity toward those of differing beliefs.”

  33. When I first got into computing the Apple II was $4000 in 1982 dollars!!!

    “If you are really serious about art or photography you must have a Mac!” Must! and on and on . . .

    I friend who uses a MacBook bought an Ipod2 and discovered that there is NO WAY to get the pictures from her Sony Memory Stick using camera into her new toy. I offered to research and found that she could buy a “Camera Connection Kit” that would give the thing a USB port – thought I had solved the prob until I found that the current supplied to the port is limited to 24 ma. FUBAR.

  34. i have been a happy mac user for over 2 yrs now. i got burnt with win vista. as we happy mac users say, once you go mac, you never go back. the above article is poorly written with no real substance behind why macs are bad. i get the impression that the author is some sort of micro soft employee promoting MS to the uninformed masses.

  35. I have never been subjected to such a load of rubbish, technically Macs are faster, more powerful andso much more reliable I have used Macs and PCs in my business life and now in my retirement. Windows is beginning to catch up after 30 or so years but it is still

  36. why would a mac user ever need to run a windows os ?
    windows os is needed by a mac to do certain things.
    how can you be completely sold on a mac when they made it to run itโ€™s competitors os.
    their must be a small weakness in their somewhere.
    never heard of a windows machine needing a mac os to run it’s programs.
    looks like windows os is in some ways better , and most of the world runs on windows.
    fact is hackers attack windows more often than macs because most of the world and a lot of important things runs on windows.
    if macs where #1 I am sure they would be attacked just as much .
    does this make any sense at all.

    please make peace with our brothers
    the macs ,
    we are all in this together.

    thanks to windows ;


  37. I bought my first PC in 1990 assembled.
    The technician who has been servicing my computers since then has been supplying me all my PC needs except the Notebooks and even the Notebooks he is servicing once the warranty period is over.
    Now he is advising me to go for Mac for stability even if it costs more. Mind you, he is asking me to buy a branded Mac from which he will lose my business during 3 yrs warranty period.

  38. Here is the discussion they don’t want you to see…

    Mac: Hey PC what are you doing?
    PC: Oh just playing some games.
    Mac: Really? Which ones?

    End of debate. A Superior OS with no compatibility does not make a superior OS.

  39. Just like purchasing a car, import or American Pick one that works for you and be content with your own purchase. I could take sides, and i do, but it really doesn’t matter… be happy with your team. Now go cheer.
    PS I service PC and Macs…

  40. This is about as sour grapes as I have ever heard. I use both and have for years. There is no question Mac is more stable, easier to use and faster. Period.

  41. What an amateur article.

    I lived on PCs from DOS to Win XP, 20 years. Frugal? To save myself hundreds of dollars, I had to become so expert at the problems, MS techies believed I *was* a techie.

    Switching to iMac was like settling into a warm bath. No problems in 4 years. No hours wasted wrestling with problems. Not one visit for repairs. I’ve saved myself time *and* money with a Mac.

    And I’ve got the best of both worlds: running Win 7 as a virtual machine on Mac for the few Win programs I can’t give up.

    Guess which OS still gets viruses and requires a lot of maintenance time?

    • It’s really weird when I hear such complaints from Mac converts. I hope you realized that it perhaps was not MS but the brand of computer that you used. For example, Windows ME was a very buggy OS, but when you paired it with a Gateway computer from the same era, you had a bundle of problems.

      Meanwhile, I had a Dell and a HP both with XP for nearly an entire decade and never reformatted, only had to reinstall XP once on the Dell, never on the HP.

      It can also be what you used the computer for, and how well you took care of it.

      • So true Jonathan, I have a Toshiba laptop with XP, it’s a little over 8 years old and I have never had to reload or use the rollback that comes with XP; of course I must admit that most of that is because of “PC Pitstop”, they hvae been one of the best tools in my box.

  42. macs and iphones are for people who like to be controlled by their machines. PC’s are for people who like to control their machines.

    If Apple and the PC world both made a laxative, the PC laxative product label would say “take this when you are ready to go.” The Apple product label would say “take this and we’ll let you know when you are ready to go.”

  43. Hmmmm wait a second you can build a computer and put linux in it and be stable and virus free… I think you guys are comparing Windows (an operating system) with Apple which is OSX and the hardware. Windows does not make the hardware, Pc companies do. Has Windows ever built a pc?

  44. You can use a screwdriver to put a nail in. You can use a Hammer to drive a screw. But each are better suited toward a different task.

    Computers are tools. Like hand-tools, each are designed to complete certain jobs. One may be better suited for a certain task than another.

  45. It seems that the ancient ‘my Mac is better than your PC’ (and vice versa) discussion is still very much alive and will probably be alive for a looooooong time to come.

    It’s an utterly pointless discussion too.
    All computer systems have pro’s and con’s, both Macs, PC’s and other systems.
    If someone uses a certain system and it does what he/she wants it to do, then it’s a good system.

    Be happy with it and stop putting energy in meaningless tata like this. Talking about ‘productivity’… shame on both you Mac and PC users for bashing each other!

    • Hurray, someone talking sense. I have been in the computer business for over 30years and the only thing to say about the apple / PC playground fight is that people buy whichever platform is best for them. I am writing this comment on an android device, so what! Its my choice at this time. Later today I will be using a PC driven by windows and If I want some More excitement?? I may use Linux later. My dad is bigger than your dad arguments are pointless. Use whichever platform you prefer and be more productive by USING it instead of arguing about it.

  46. I will never own a Mac for one simple reason: I have never purchased a whole computer. Windows and Linux support my habit of continuous upgrades. My computers have been in an evolving upgrade since I was given my first 486sx in 1996. So I really don’t care what magic Mac can do or not do. I can’t build one to suit my needs at the price of a Windows/Linux machine so they are of no use to me.

  47. I entirely agree that Apple products and the cheerleaders that swear by them make me sick. Having bought both Apple and PC products since the 70’s, here are my three top reasons why I would never buy anything from Apple again:

    1. Itunes. Ever try to transfer from one computer to another?

    2. Lack of written instruction. What you get instead is a single folded page, printed in China, with cheesy diagrams and a link to a website whose only purpose appears to be trying to sell you other products.

    3. Steve Jobs. One of the most disagreeable humans currently occupying large parts of the public square. I can deal with all the problems a PC brings (and there are more than a few), but I cannot stomache that man.

    • In response to your points:

      1) Re: transferring iTunes files. It’s easy, I do it all the time. I download TV shows to my PC, transfer them to an external hard drive, then play them on a Mac that is connected to our TV so we can watch the HD shows on a large screen. Just find where the files themselves are stored. For me I click computer > music > iTunes music > iTunes library and there are all the files to click and drag where ever you want.

      2. Re: instructions. I’m not sure where you bought your Apple products but I’ve always had instructions in English…even the MacBook Air I bought in Singapore and the iPhone I bought in Qatar. I will admit that access to their manuals online should be more user friendly.

      3. re: Steve Jobs. I have no opinion on him one way or the other but if I did, I would not base my choice of computer on it. That is very unprofessional.

      About the Mac vs PC debate in general: I’ve owned PC’s for almost 30 years and MacBook Airs now for 3 years. My PC will be due for a replacement soon and I am currently on the fence as to which to buy. I love my MacBook Air but there are still things I prefer to do on my PC. I read this article hoping for facts to help with my decision. I was disappointed in the unprofessional nature of the article, unusual for PC Pitstop.

      However, it did generate a lot of comment that has been helpful. It is interesting to note that most of the comments giving facts are from the Mac users while most of the comments based on emotion are from the PC users.

      • re: transferring tunes. Is your library one you collected from purchased cd’s that were burned to the itunes folder in your computer or did you buy the music online? Mine are almost entirely from the first category. The music in over 70 cd’s were put on my hard drive and for a variety of reasons were subsequently moved from one drive to another in computers at home and offices atlocations in America and abroad. I actually had to finally take my pc laptop to the Mac store and even the people there had trouble transferring the library.

        When I bought a new computer, after formatting two earlier ones, Apple informed me the cd’s I had purchased and burned to the music folder could not be transferred, presumably because I had tried to transfer them too many times before. This even though the music in question had NOT been purchased at the itunes store. I did everything I could over the span of a week to explain my problem online and by email and got no response from Apple. Nada. Zip.

        re instructions: The iphone I bought about a month ago (and which I’m going to return) contains two descriptive documents; a densely worded multi-page, single space contract/warranty with lettering so small it cannot be read, and a one page (25″ x 4.5″) “Finger Tips” manual that briefly covers the most fundamental points of owning a cell phone. Ah, but it comes so handsomely packaged in a little black box that cause Apple junkies to become lyrical. That juxtaposition of pretty box and dreadful instruction is precisely why I dislike Apple, particularly when, as in this case, the product itself is of average quality at best.

        re professionalism: Well, that made me smile. I practiced my profession for 39 years without incident or complaint from anyone, using computers off and on for most of that time. I don’t usually focus upon the personality of a corporate CEO when deciding whether to buy a product his company is selling, but will happily make an exception in the case of Mr. Jobs. He has made himself so much a living embodiment of Apple that it’s only fair to call out this megalomaniac when the company screws up.

        They make nice little black boxes though.

  48. This is a really disappointing article. I’ve been a user here at PC pitstop for about the last 10 years. I am 27 years old, so this is more then a third of my life, and longer then my adult lifespan.
    While I understand that the point of a website must change as the rest of the internet does… well.. .this article disappoints me.

    It’s not so much that the article was written, or that it’s clearly biased, and based in loose, wobbly “fact” skewed to form an opinion. It’s the fact that someone thought this article was AMAZING enough to be worth making the ‘subject’ of the latest news letter, drawing ALL of their users attention to this piece of drivel.

    I won’t say I’ll never come back. That’s just stupid and juvenile. But, I sure am unsubscribing from the newsletter.

  49. I have owned PC’s for 20 yrs, went through Vista and now Win 7. Thankfully, now Im a proud owner of a Macbook Pro, Iphone, and and Ipad. I hope to never own another PC again. None of the points here are valid for me. If you enjoy instability and viruses and deteriorating value then stick with PC’s. Macs keep their value much better so if your frugal you get better value out of your products.

      • No i had 3.1, Me, XP as well. Vista is not that old? Vista is done sir since its the worst operating system ever built behind Me. My point isnt to educate people on Windows but that I like my Mac much better

  50. Clearly you folks no longer enjoy the services of a copy editor. The spelling, grammatical and miscellaneous other errors in this piece are a sad reflection of this. You must realize that for most literate people, tripping over such awful errors lessens the credibility of the author and in many cases causes readers to give up and go elsewhere. Please re-hire your copy editor. Or fire the one you have.

    • Jeff, I had some of the same thoughts regarding their proofreader, but the man said what he wanted to say well enough that, for me, it didn’t detract from his credibility. He just didn’t have all that much to say. We learned that the author us frugal and that lithium batteries will last about two years. I don’t care about one of those facts, but I’m glad to learn the other one. Oh, and that he’s pissed (as am I) that iPads can’t interpret Flash. That does annoy me, because I enjoy my iPad immensely.

  51. Great article. Right on and could have added at least 3 more reasons.

    Maybe now that Steve Jobs has rolled out the “iQuit” things can change for the better. Too bad it had to be cancer for him but often stubborn insistence leads to stress that turns out that way.

  52. I’ve owned and used many Microsoft based systems since 1988 (DOS 3.3 through Win 7). Dos was quick, stable and easy to adjust to do whatever I needed to do. Windows is a bag of worms, every system since Win95 has been less and less tractable. The registry is a disaster.

    I switched to a 20″ Imac in 2008 and after the learning curve I found the damn thing just worked. No more herculean efforts to ferret out weird behavior because of buggy software or whatever malware my various antivirus and spyware applications failed ton catch.

    Don’t get me wrong mac software is far from perfect but I spend a lot more time doing what I want and very little solving mysterious system bugs – except for my friends windows machines.

    Despite the expense, I bought a 27″ Imac last year and have been just as happy with it as I was with the 20″ model. I do have a HP laptop with Win 7 but I use that infrequently so I’ve not had too many issues with it.

    Mac’s are expensive but I will happily spend more to buy something that works the way they do. You can save 20+% by buying refurbished systems from the Mac store, both of mine are refurbished and I’ve had no issues with them.

  53. Right on the money, and “apple or mac” both cost more then they are worth. They have a problem with I-phone-1, no worries they will just come out with a better one next year and hope the first users don’t notice, yeah, right. All Job’s does is dump worthless junk on the market and then when it won’t work, “poof” out comes a newer and better model to take everybodys mind off the other crap that they are still selling has a “special offer”; sorry boys & girls but once you are hooked by Jobs, he will never let you go; so good luck.

  54. How hard is it to undo some screws and change a battery, and a mac can run windows if you should chose or need too. The mac has real battery life not like windoze, both platforms are good.

  55. i have to agree with the mac fanboys that this exerpt does indeed not inform anyone of why not to buy a mac

    after owning several mac and tons of pc’s
    i can say the reason i totaly hate mac

    mac’s are preparatory
    i have several older g4 mac’s that are well capable of runniging their newer os
    but since apple decides they want you to buy a new overpriced mac they say its not allowed and force their users to upgrade to the latest and greatest

    now that your you moved up to the latest hardware you are again forced to repurchase most of your software as well since allot of the apps that work in say osx 10.4 will not work on osx10.5 without using some add on emulation programs wich are a bear to aquire sometimes

    at least with a pc i can run any app i have on my old 500mhz win me computer on my new quad core win 7 pc

    then there is the cost
    all the mac fan boys that say spec for spec mac and pc are the same price are just plain jaded

    i just built a hackintosh with the same spec as a 1300$ mac pro for 400$ ssd and all
    that runs bolth mac and win 7 perfect

  56. I was a windows user for over 30 years and always thought I was happy until I needed to call tech support. For every windows PC that I owned and particular ularly Dell, the support people were horrible on so many levels. I lived with loofah port for many many years until I became so fed up atone point I made the decision on a friends recommendation to switch to apple simply for their support system. First of all you can understand them over the phone. They speak English very clearly. You are not sent to a foreign country to deal with different levels of technical expertise. You can spend an hour with a technician and get no where before you get so frustrated you demand elevation to a higher level of expertise and sometimes they won’t elevate you. I’ve had occasion to call apple support now, not being familiar with the Mac system and found the support them to be helpful, knowledgeable AND they speak English clearly. I have nothing against foreigners but there is something to be said for “buy/use American.

      • I am with you Ron, Al, please give us a little more detail on this “over 30 years using windows” this I gotta hear, oops, I mean read.

          • It sounds like Al had to call support just to figure out the on/off button, I have never called any ones support line, but my sister in law had to call mac on a 6 month old laptop, all she got was send it back and we will let you know the cost of return; they wanted over $1200 to fix God only knows what. They ended up getting a new windows laptop for less money that lasted 6 years before my brother droped it from their loft in their living room.

            • @Les: Windows 1 came out one month before the first Mac OS. For the next few years the majority of PC users stuck with DOS, until Windows 3.0 arrived. If your disks are Windows 3.0, then ask yourself, “Why did they start with version 3? Why didn’t they start with version 1?” The answer… They did.

  57. I always feel a little cheated (and stupid) when I read these totally useless fluff piece articles that really exist only for the author to hear himself talk about himself. They teach nothing, enlighten nothing, say nothing. In my defense, I’m using my (totally awesome) MacBook Pro right now instead of the various Windows 7 / XP / Linux machines in the house, so I “had to” click on the link to see what idiotic things he had to say.

    Even I didn’t think it would start out as lame as “I’m cheap.” What a douche.

  58. I’m a PC and Linux user and I’ve used PC-Pitstop, but I have to take exception about your iPad comments, especially regarding Flash. Prior to buying my iPad2, I compared iPad versus various Android tablets in terms of playing videos and found that the iPad would play more of them. For example, the iPad2 plays foxnews.com videos, whereas Androd does not. So you’re not a foxnews fan? OK, I went to YOUR WEBSITE and tried playing your Foz de Ignacu, Rio de Janeiro, and Diving videos on my iPad2 and THEY ALL WORKED FINE. So where’s the beef? (BTW, your website is very cool!)

  59. Seriously? I use both PC and Mac. Started on Mac in ’84, started on PC in ’05, to fully be “bi-lingual” for an online course I teach. PC vs. Mac has gone on as long as there have been PCs and Macs. Mostly BS based on personal preferences, elitism, attitudes of intellectual superiority, and the “coolness” factor.(both sides) I am just glad to have a choice and am really glad that the government has not decided to help us all out by “fixing” the problem.

  60. I have Windows, Apple (iMac, iPad, iPods, etc). Love them all. What gets me are WRITERS that do not know the difference between “rational” and “rationale”.

  61. Windows has entered into a long slow decline as PCs become secondary to all the other devices flooding our lives. The era of pervasive computing places less emphasis on the PC.

    Windows 8 is too little too late. They’ll probably pick up 10% – 15% of the mobile market, but Microsoft and WIndows now has the buzz and cachet of a vacuum cleaner.

  62. The guy next to you doesn’t need to spent so much time to explain things as you do. He doesn’t even need as much time to be as productive as you are. And he doesn’t need as many computers. What is your point?

  63. Seriously?! Does number two address productivity in any way what so ever? This is pure emotional bias, something Mac users are accused of all the time. I have a Mac, I like it, I am not in love with it. I run VMWare Fusion because I need Windows for MS Project. I have found that running a Windows Partition on my particular MacBook Pro is actually a little faster than my Lenovo T410. Tregonese talks about Mac users trying to get various Windows emulations to work, well Parallels and Fusion just work, period. No fiddling.

    What I like most about my Mac and what makes me more productive is the integration with my other devices.

    And really, OS wars are pretty passe at this point aren’t they? Is there really a need to declare loyalty to any brand? We are all going to the cloud anyway and computing as we know it from a user perspective will be vastly different in 5 years.

    • @James Blair: Integration with your other products does that mean you don’t have the technical skills to make your phone and tablet talk to your computer unless they all carry the same badge. That is one argument I never understand it’s child’s play to make any phone talk to any computer mac, Linux or microsoft. and yes I use a mac but I also use a samsung note as my preferred phone.

  64. I currently have 2 macs and 2 pc’s. My wife uses the mac butt quite honestly when push comes to shove and we have to get that project finished or we are under a time crunch, we have to go with PC.

    It seems to me that macs and Linux just cost too much in the way of time for me. I got the mac for wifey under the guise of it just works however, I can crash the mac just as easy as I can the pc and when I do, it is harder to get back up again.

    Im not a pc fanboy or mac, just a realist.

  65. Wow, really? Maybe your next article should be titled “4 reasons why I will never use the internet, and why it will never gain traction”. BTW, I am not a techie guy, but I am pretty sure that your iPod is an apple computer.

  66. I totally agree. My wife has a iPad2 and it is totally useless, unless she uses it like a Kindle. It’s ridiculous they can not view flash, and that you can only get apps from iTunes. (Shakes head)

    As for the Mac, they are not allowed in our office. Enough said.

  67. F&%$ing “A”!!!! Macs suck, and people think they are the best damn thing on the planet but all in all, they suck! I’ve seen user comments about hard drives and whatnot and a lot of the users are mac users.

  68. Hmmm, standards, you mean the ones MS comes up with and then tries to force or bully everyone else into following? Network stadards maybe, wait MS was last to the TCP/IP party. Face it, everyone uses whatever technology they are comftorable and feel more productive. I don’t for one push mac, unix or apple technology on anyone when it comes to what you want to use – thats the beauty of free enterprise and freedom in general. Of course there are people who must be using the latest, coolest, or most obscure technology just like those who only wear designer jeans so looking to them for justification to use or not use a paticular technology is just plain silly, forget the dude in the airport – really. BTW he might have a iPad but probably uses a PC – just say’n. I’m also frugal and have been all my life being raised with the motto “more with less” so it’s not too hard to make a frugal argument for Mac’s over PC’s – that is if you want to look at TCO and silly obsucre things like return on investment. Lots of people make the case for shopping at Montgomery Wards (well used to anyway) or Harbour Freight as opposed to buying Snap-on tools or shopping at Macys, but then again those aren’t the folks who drive things in the world now are they – but there sure are a lot of ’em.

  69. EPIC FAIL!!!! I WILL NEVER USE A WINDOWS BASED PC for my MUSIC Recording, Production or Mastering. MAC has it ALL-OVER PC’s. Could you have been MORE BIASED? Again… EPIC FAIL!

  70. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. Just admit that you have an emotionally based anti Apple bias and be done with it.

    1. Spec out a PC with the same guts and features as comparable Mac’s, and Apple products are very close in price, and often times cheaper. There has been a slew of articles in the tech sphere recently about how PC makers are getting crushed on price by Apple in the tablet (iPad) and MacBook Air style laptop segments. They just can’t compete with Apple’s supply chain and component deals.

    2. An attention whore dramatically pulling out his iPad does not mean you can’t be productive on Apple products, and is a horrible analogy. You can be at least as productive on Macs as you can on Windows PC’s. Most objective tech journalists would also say that you can be even more productive on a Mac given that you don’t need to buy, upgrade, and maintain the laborious trojan/virus apps to keep your machine running. Macs run an incredibly stable, state of the art OS, and they run all the major productivity applications, including those from Microsoft and Adobe.

    3. Apple strongly supports standards, and was the first PC maker to use USB (see history of original bondi blue iMac). Sure, I’d like my iPad to have a mini USB port, but not having it does not mean Apple is against following/supporting PC standards. As for Flash, SJ himself wrote a detailed letter explaining why iOS devices don’t support Flash, but here’s a quick recap. Flash (particularly on mobile devices) is buggy, leads to crashes, and is a HUGE battery hog. Apple want’s their products to “just work”, and shipping iOS devices with Flash support would lead to customers wrongly assuming their Apple iOS devices “don’t work right”. Go read the various reviews on Android products which do have Flash support, and the tech reviewers universally agree that Flash in it’s current state on mobile devices is horrible.

    4. SURPRISE, you can bring your MacBook/Pro into any Apple store and get the battery replaced same day, for about the same $ it would cost you to buy a stand alone battery for competing PC laptops.

    If you prefer Windows/PC products, thatโ€™s great. But stop pushing decades old hyperbole and myth as current day fact. It just shows how out of touch you are with modern day mainstream computing. Ironically, if you had done any research before typing out your article, you might have ended up with a different article titled โ€œ4 Reasons I Might Own a Macโ€. You say you prefer function over form, Mac users would argue that you can have both

    • Reason 5: you ever hear of someone building their MAC? I have built every computer I have had for years! Only one I bought was my first one, an Acer 386 that set me back 2 grand.

    • Very well stated, Bill. I used to have the same attitude towards the Mac until the Intel model came out and I actually purchased one. I currently have three Windows computers and one Mac and wish they were all Mac.

  71. My vocation, and avocation, involves technical programs which are rather specialized. There are usually a couple of inexpensive commercial programs, and several freeware programs available for Windows. For the Mac, there is usually once pricey commercial program. For the Linux world, there are several mediocre free programs. My friends who swear by Mac and Linux seem to spend most of their time getting various Windows emulations to work for them. This is certainly not the case for more mainstream applications, but if I have to use a Windows program, why not use Windows?

  72. 1. Frugality: I tend to be a frugal person, too, but at the same time, buying a cheaper computer could also tend to “nickel and dime” me, and thus in the long run, I end up spending more on that cheaper computer than I would on a more expensive one. Also, I don’t plan on buying another computer every 2-3 years; I believe that this one could easily last me 5 years. Do you mean to tell me that spending $2000 every 5 years is not a good idea? Give me a break.

    2. Productivity: In my 4 years of using a Mac, I have not once felt limited concerning possibilities. Yes, I could run Windows on my Mac in case I needed it, but I haven’t needed it! You didn’t give any examples whatsoever of how you would be bound by using a Mac, and therefore, you do not present a good argument. You cannot make these kind of statements without any kind of evidence.

    3. Standards: You’re going to complain about one connector? ONE!!! Number one, that connector is quite inexpensive, and number two, you can’t always have your cake AND eat it, and that is true of using Windows also.

    Here in South Korea, my students have to watch online lectures as part of their study, and they can only do that with Internet Explorer, because the media players that the lectures use (I won’t mention them because you’ve probably never even heard of them), only run on Internet Explorer, because of the Active X controllers. (Now as far as I know, Active X doesn’t work in other browsers; please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). What about using Firefox or Chrome? They can’t use them!!! What if they like those better? You have no right to complain about the cable issue with the iPod/iPad in light of this issue regarding IE.

    One of my biggest issues with Windows is how they have different types of Vista Windows 7 (Starter, Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, etc.), which can be a bit expensive. Why can’t just there be ONE that works for everything, and at a reasonable price? Also, if you buy a clean-install OS, it doesn’t always find the drivers that you need for your computer; you have to go and look for them. I was upgrading my mom’s computer from Vista to Windows (and I say upgrade because Vista is the worst excuse for an OS that I’ve ever seen in my life), and I had to go to a European site to find the drivers! Time is money, and it took me a bit of time to find those drivers, when on my Mac, that is NEVER an issue! You want to talk about the computer being more expensive, well I’m going to throw the price of Windows and the issues with software, drivers, etc. right back at you!

    Another case in point: my friend’s computer crashed yesterday. Why? She had a lot of viruses on her external HDD. No, she had never scanned it for viruses, and I got after her for that, but think about it! She plugs it into her computer, and it shuts the whole thing down! At least I can plug that into my Mac and not have to worry about it! Once again, there’s more time and money one has to spend to be rid of the viruses!

    4. Batteries: I have a MacBook Pro mid-2010 Unibody, and it has one of those batteries that “supposedly” cannot be replaced. I’ve opened up my Mac before to upgrade the HDD and the RAM, and yes, I would need a special screwdriver to replace the battery, but it can be done! I live in South Korea, and the nearest service center is two hours away; I don’t have the time to go there and pay to have it done, when I can just order the battery and do it myself!

    Once again, you’re trying to state something without presenting the facts. You say from experience that lithium-ion batteries last an average of about two years, but we’re talking about new technology. You need to present something solid to prove this point, and you have failed to do so.

    All this aside, I admit that I’m not to keen on Windows, but I recognize that it can do some things better than Macs can. One example is online games, and if you know anything about Koreans, they love to play online games. Windows is much more suited for that. My personal preference is Mac, but that’s just for me.

    • @Joseph McCutchen: I wish we could get rid of the myth about Mac’s not getting viruses it’s just not true ransome ware has hit complete mac networks I have a client who was caught by it and guess what , not a single PC in his office.

  73. A lot of shallow personal reasons, with indications of envy as Apple attains largest US company, while the pc business in general is giving way to mobile devices.

  74. Had a Windows PC for almost 15 years, and I’m actually attached to it. Last year I borrowed a Macbook Pro from my boss to experience a mac environment. He said I could use it as long as I want. I returned it after a week because I find it hard to be productive using it. Just like that.

  75. I agree and all good points, but I dislike Mac for another two reasons as well.
    1.They won’t allow their OS to run PC’s, but I could never understand why. I did finally figure it out, simply it’s because they wny you to buy their hardware.
    2. The second reason is the average consumer doesn’t need a more expensive option when Windows, or even better Linux, a free operating system is availible. So this bring me back to my first reason and why does it cost more?

  76. Oh why not mention te #1 reason for not liking Apple? I enjoyed PC Pitstop because it fixed all the crappy problems I used to run across using my various Windows computers.

    Well, 5 yrs ago I bought a high end iMac & it’s been running perfect ever since! No viruses, no slow down, it’s a great user experience. But, now I’ve had no need for PC Pitstop – I just never unsubscribed to the emails.

    I still like to read your great tips, I pass them on to my PC user friends. I don’t need ’em cuz I use Apple.

    Apple is now the #1 company on Earth.

    Final thought – isn’t it true PC Pitstop isn’t made for Macs because they dont have the problems PC’s do. LOL.

  77. I have to respectfully disagree. I have switched to the Mac, and have loved every minute of it. I am blind, and the Mac has built-in screen reading software called Voiceover. This is an extra $1200 purchase for a Windows machine. Not counting the cost of the Windows PC, and Virus software, + Microsoft Office. It doesn’t count the $300 SMA pricing to keep your screen reading software up to date, nor virus software upgrade. I can independantly install the Operating system if needed without sighted help. I can use all the built-in apps. I do not have to replace my Mac every 3 years like I do my work Windows PC. I also received training from the Apple store. The genius bar repaired my Mac for free when I dropped it on concrete. I’ll never go back to Windows. I can do everything on my Mac that I did on Windows.

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