Bob Rankin: How to Clean Up Your Hard Drive


By Bob Rankin

Clean Computer Clutter for Better Performance

Digital clutter can clog your hard drive, slowing down normal operations and making it difficult to find the information you need. Unnecessary files accumulate every time you use a computer. It’s good practice to clean out computer clutter every once in a while.

Of course it’s a problem if you have no room to store your music, photos, or videos on your hard drive, but low disk space can also adversely affect the performance of your computer. When your operating system runs out of RAM memory, it will try to create virtual memory by grabbing a chunk of hard drive space. If there is not enough space available, your applications may fail, or you may not be able to open large files. Even worse, when you run low on disk space, Windows will begin to delete System Restore points, or even switch off the System Restore feature entirely. If you’re not sure why that might be a problem, see my article on System Restore.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from Bob Rankin.


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1 thought on “Bob Rankin: How to Clean Up Your Hard Drive”

  1. Hi Bob..I’m in my mid 70’s so missed out on computers…I have an SSD h/drive and a normal HD..I have Win 7 home premium..on my old PC I used to go to search and type in *.tmp,*.dmp,* etc…and able to clear the crap…how do I do it on Win7 ? you have a book or any literature please…cheers bryan

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