Bob Rankin: 5 Good Reasons to Trash Your Fax Machine


By Bob Rankin

Let’s Stamp Out Fax Machines in Our Lifetime!

They’re mechanical dinosaurs in a high-tech world. Fax machines are highly inefficient, expensive and wasteful, compared to the digital alternatives that exist. So why do so many offices still use them? It’s a mystery to me.

If you’re still clinging to an analog fax machine, here’s a newsflash… the 80’s are over! It’s time to join the Internet fax age, which started about 20 years ago. Here are some good reasons to give that old fax machine the boot:

#1 Cost:

Consider the up-front price of the fax machine, a place to put it, a dedicated phone line, paper, ink, other supplies, and periodic maintenance. Not to mention replacing it every few years.

#2 Inconvenience:

How much time is wasted on trips to and from the fax machine; waiting in line; paper jams; having to request re-transmissions? Sending a long document by fax is frequently problematic. Lost carrier, missing pages and garbled text can be maddening.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from Bob Rankin.


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2 thoughts on “Bob Rankin: 5 Good Reasons to Trash Your Fax Machine”

  1. …So why do so many offices still use them? It’s a mystery to me… Because you cant put a fax in the “spam faxbox”, and 98% of the people that you are sending a fax will recv. But fax machines are highly expensive.

  2. I’m a CPA and let me tell you, the fax machine is not dead! I send and receive faxes multiple times per day. It is easy as I just load the fax to send in the scan/copy auto feed tray and I get a report page when it is finished. My clients prefer it as well as it the least time consuming option to documents and signature pages to me. It already included with my all in one printer thus, the only additional cost is my $24.95 per month for the dedicated fax line.

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