Windows Talk: How to Quickly Retouch a Photo


By Mitz for Windows Talk

My name is Mitz from and I have been a Windows computer geek for over 25 years. I have seen software come and go over the years, succeed and fail, but Windows Live Photo Gallery is definitely a keeper.

I know this software is not new, however I feel that people are not seeing its full potential. Some of the features included with Windows live Gallery are so new to all of us, that we do not even know we have these amazing abilities on our computers. I previously wrote an article about using blending two photos using photo fuse in Windows Live Photo Gallery for Windows Talk, however this article will show you how to retouch a photo.

Windows Live Photo Gallery – Retouch Tool

If you are a photo shop expert then you will probably turn your nose at this kind of photo retouching. However I was very impressed at the easy way you could remove something from a picture.

Article Continued Here

This excerpt is shared with permission from Windows Talk.

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