Bob Rankin: Digital Scanners To The Rescue


By Bob Rankin

Don’t File It, Scan It!

We can scan it, of course. Digital scanners create space-saving electronic replicas of any document. The IRS accepts digital scans of receipts for tax purposes. And with the right software, information can be extracted from digital scans and saved in Microsoft Office and other useful formats.

The Neat Company specializes in just that kind of solution. Originally named NeatReceipt, the firm bundles digital scanners with its proprietary software that extracts data from scanned documents and turns it into meaningful digital reports. Business cards scanned with the Neat system, for instance, are automatically converted into Outlook contact records. Receipts are parsed into Excel worksheet cells, generating expense reports for tax purposes. Paper documents can be turned into editable, searchable text.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from Bob Rankin.


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