PowerPoint Tips: Key to an Effective Presentation


By Ellen Finkelstein

I’m giving a presentation at a branch of the local Chamber of Commerce and offered makeovers so the audience can see how to design a clear slide. I received 2 presentations.

Both presentations are sales presentations. One is selling a software package; the other is a presentation to venture capitalists.

I noticed 2 things that both presentations left out.

Start with the problem, then solve it

They both started by talking about their product. Yes, they talked about benefits, not just features. But neither one made a good case for why their product is needed. It was there, but hidden. Or it came fairly late in the presentation.

Instead, start with the problem. Explain the need, then introduce your solution. This way of beginning a presentation has several advantages:

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This excerpt is shared with permission from ellenfinkelstein.com.

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