Windows Talk: 8 Steps to Customize a Fresh Install of Windows 7


By Mitz for Windows Talk

So, now you are done with the installation of windows 7. Your desktop is in front of you. But the classical, old, formal look does not suit you; it gives a kind of boring impression. Do you want to change it? So let’s do a bit of tweaking with your OS to make it little better, stylish, secure and furnished with the essentials. Lets’ perform the operation of making your OS a happening one, step by step.

#1 De-crapification

The windows you just installed may be loaded with lots of already installed programs. Most of these are unnecessary, slow, ineffective and distended. Freeware alternatives for these are a better option. You need to spend some time and uninstall all these unessential, useless software. Be careful that you don’t uninstall any software that may be required, or you will have to either reinstall it after downloading or may have to completely reinstall the windows. Even after clearing all this, a lot of garbage is there in program files directory, windows registry, etc that is cleared using CCleaner.

#2 Install Security Software

Before you connect to internet, you should have a firewall. In Windows 7, firewall is by default turned on. If you are using a modern router, you have a hardware firewall too. When you connect to internet, there are many free virus protection applications or you can opt to protect and maintain your computer with paid software. You should install a good one and keep it updated always. In addition to it, you should also install an anti-spyware.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from Windows Talk.

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