Bob Rankin: How Fast is Your PC?


By Bob Rankin

How To Measure PC Speed and Performance

It’s true, computer vendors like to throw around numbers to dazzle you, when describing how fast their systems are. But after comparing CPU clock speeds, graphics adapter frame rates, motherboard bus capacity, hard drive data transfer, RAM speeds, and other arcane stats, your head starts to spin. And then there’s the problem of comparing one brand versus another, when they use differing units of measurement.

Or perhaps you’re one who likes to tinker or overclock your PC. When you try one of the many tricks to speed up your computer, how do you know whether it worked? A psychological phenomenon called “confirmation bias” makes your gut feeling about a tweak’s effect unreliable; after all the work you put into speeding up your computer, you want to confirm that it worked.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from Bob Rankin.


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