PowerPoint Tips: Is the presentation dead?


By Ellen Finkelstein

An article in Training magazine, “Dawn of the Social Cyborg,” by Joe Campbell and William Finegan, struck a chord with me.

Learning has changed

The authors suggest a “new species of learner that we call the ‘Social Cyborg.’”

Who are the social cyborgs? They are often young and have “integrated social networks and information technology into the way they think, learn, and solve problems.” The authors compare the extinction of the Neanderthal in the face of climate change and competition with the new species, homo sapiens, to what might happen today to those of us who don’t adapt.

Social cyborgs function differently from those who aren’t part of the new, connected world. They learn differently, solving problems by connecting to social networks. They filter information through “open knowledge systems” such as Wikipedia and user-created content.

Article continued here

This excerpt is shared with permission from ellenfinkelstein.com.

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