Windows Talk: Troubleshooting a USB Hard Drive


By Windows Talk

A USB device not recognized doesn’t necessarily mean the device is damaged. If your USB hard drive is not working, try the following suggestions.


*USB hard drive

*USB cable (comes with the hard disk)

*Spare USB cable

Step 1

Insert one of the USB cable’s ends on the hard drive port. Plug the other end on the computer port. Make sure that the cable ends are hooked up properly.

Step 2

Double click My Computer in Windows XP or Computer in Windows Vista. The plugged USB hard drive is the removable disk on the list. Check the properties if there is something wrong with it. If the drive is not listed, go to step 3.

Step 3

Make certain the data cable is working. Turn the computer off. Connect the other USB cable and turn on the computer. If the USB device not recognized message still appears, go to step 4.

Steps 4-5/Article Continued Here

This excerpt is shared with permission from Windows Talk.

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  1. I have a Sony j120, installed xp several years ago, now I am wondering the best way to clean the HE, which the memory has been upgraded. I have 19.3used and 19.9 unused. The machine is slow for DB, so I guess a new HE would be the answer, how would I go about doing it??

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