Chris Pirillo: Blu-ray is Already Dead

Is Blu-ray better than direct download? That’s a tough question. Blu-ray certainly has plenty of benefits including extra features and ease of use. You can share a Blu-ray disc with someone by simply handing it to them. With direct download, you have to combat DRM and storage medium obstacles that make a simple exchange more of a hassle.

What do you think? Is Blu-ray better than direct download?

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About Chris:

Chris Pirillo is the founder of the tech blogging network, Lockergnome and previously served as host of TechTV’s Call for Help show. Chris’s insightful and entertaining how to videos will now be featured in the PC Pitstop newsletters and highlighted at and

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13 thoughts on “Chris Pirillo: Blu-ray is Already Dead”

  1. I see you’ve bought into the “Thou shalt NOT ‘own’ any content anymore. Thou shalt RENT thy content over and over again, thus enriching the MPAA and RIAA beyond their wildest dreams.”

    1. I agree, i think Chris has been brainwashed by the “thou shalt not own anything brigade”, the MPAA and RIAA,the movie and dvd industry dont want you to own anything, they want you to beg for their permission to “rent” it, thereby retaining their control over their products, its all about money and control
      Chris has now shown himself to be firmly entrenched himself in their belief system and ball park and i for one will no longer trust anything he has to say on this topic

  2. The Voice of Reason

    This week’s movie night will be held at Chris’s house. As always, and due to the group-members’ varying connection speeds, bandwidth, data caps and subscribers’ month-to-month economic situation, as well as network drain, wireless router limitations and general lag issues, everyone is asked to bring their own movie, and the evening’s double-feature will be voted on, prior to the start of the show.

  3. I have a choice of phone line or satellite for internet, and satellite is very expensive. I live 3.5 miles from the city limits which has cable and FIOS. I use satellite, but the download is too slow to be classified as broadband and costs $80/month. Video download would never work for a movie.

  4. All modern technology is obsolete before it is even sold. That being said, I want to go back to a comment about ComCast. AT&T/SBC has recently “changed” their policy on bandwith availability. They changed from “unlimited” to 150 GB per month regardless of upload or download. Additional blocks of 50 GB will be billed extra as needed. If you go 1 KB over the 150 MB you get billed extra. They claim that 95% of their customers use WAY less than 150 GB. To me that is AT&T’s way of charging more without upgrading their overloaded system. If I were to watch one movie a day and absolutely nothing else not even e-mail, I would just make the 150 GB limit. It would be less than half of that in BD quality video. They are encouraging us to buy rather than watch movies. I hope you understand what I am trying to say…..Alan

  5. Blu-ray will most likely be the last physical form for movies. But I prefer to play media from hard drives or flash drives. The discs just annoy me now. Plus the start-up times and un-skippables of BR drive me nuts. The final annoyance is quiet dialog and blasting music and effects. And don’t tell me my gear isn’t calibrated; it’s clear the sound mixes are way off in new movies.

  6. Blu-Ray / hard mediums all the way. I like owning my content and owning it for good. Plus with as flaky as internet speeds can be, I don’t want to be unable to watch a movie. Streaming / copyrighted downloads are not for me.

  7. Hi Chris, This was just the question I wanted to ask you because my Sony TV came with a Blu-Ray instead of the usual CD. I guess Sony thought Blu-Ray would replace the CD. Anyhow, I have been finding it harder to find any Blu-Ray anything and had a suspicion they might not be all that different. So thanks again.

  8. I haven’t ever experienced a Blu-ray movie, so I ordered online and just received my new Sony S580 in the mail, still need to hook it all up to see what that type of movie looks like on my LCD tv, but now, after listening to Chris….I wish now, I wouldn’t have spent the $128 and just tried Netflix for 30 days to watch a Blu-ray movie. I don’t buy movies and the reason I bought the Sony S580 was to have device with builtin WiFi. I feel stupid now! Could have bought an Apple Device or Roku. Oh well, I need to listen to Chris from now on and figure out how not to spend money on needless devices! Thanks Chris your so humorous and SMART! I love ya!

  9. I prefer TV & actual hard disc to downloading & watching on computer, BUT I refuse to spend the extra money to purchase a Blu Ray. I can’t tell the difference between regular DVD & BD. I’ve got a great picture/surround sound on my TV and spending the extra money for BD isn’t worth it.

  10. Pirillo is a bonehead. How many people can afford a HS net account? BluRay has finally become affordable for the masses and its only a matter of time when it replaces DVD completely. When that happens, you’ll be buying them for eight bucks and renting them at the your local food store’s rental machine for a buck.

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