Using Pen & Touch Input on Windows 7


By Deb Shinder for published by GFI Vipre

Windows 8 is coming next year (at least, that’s what we expect) and we all know
it’s going to be optimized for touch screens and tablets. But what if you don’t
want to wait that long? There are already some Windows 7 tablets on the market
and more in the wings for the holiday season, as well as a number of “all in
one” systems running Windows 7 that come with large touch screen monitors. So
just how “touchable” is Win7, anyway? And what are the secrets to using your
finger or a pen/stylus to input data and commands instead of a keyboard and

If you wanted to use Windows XP on a tablet PC, you needed a special edition of
the operating system (appropriately named Windows XP Tablet Edition). Microsoft
changed that with Vista and Windows 7; now the tablet features are included in
the the standard editions of the OS. Even if you have a generic system with no
touch screen hardware, you’ll see the Tablet PC there in the Accessories menu in
All Programs, as you can see in the figure below.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from published by GFI Vipre.

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