Leo: How to Protect Your Email Address Book


By Leo Notenboom

How do I stop [email being sent as me] or prevent a hacker from getting into my address book?

This was a follow-up question from someone who’d discovered that, as they put it, “Somebody is using my email address book to send spam to my friends.” I had pointed them at Someone’s sending email that looks like it’s from me to my contacts, what can I do?

What’s critical to realize here is that it’s extremely likely that they don’t just have access to your address book – they have access to your entire email account.

And that’s exactly where prevention begins.

The scenario

This is the scenario that I’m hearing about frequently:

  • Someone’s email account gets hacked
  • The hacker then uses that email account to send spam to everyone in that email account’s address book
  • It’s that first part that matters: they hacked into your email account.

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    1 thought on “Leo: How to Protect Your Email Address Book”

    1. Yes, It happened with lot of people from time to time, it is neck braking job to get hacked email account back. The mailing server who provide email account should provide a clean and clear provision where hacking account holders can report and get back their accounts.

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