PowerPoint Tips: Create your own graphics for PowerPoint


By Ellen Finkelstein

Yes, you can create your own graphics and icons for PowerPoint! Not all graphics can, or should, be photos, charts, or diagrams. Sometimes you want to represent a concept and need a more symbolic or iconic look. This 2-part series will explore 2 ways you can get result you need.

Sometimes, simple shapes are enough. This slide’s graphic is just a circle with some 3D formatting.

You can also use the Custom Shapes feature to make more complex graphics. You can find a link to all four tips on this topic here.

Line art — which includes standard clip art — can provide you with any graphic you need. There are 2 ways to get line art into PowerPoint (aside from using PowerPoint’s drawing tools and shapes):

1. Insert line art (in this case, clip art) and modify it

2. Turn vector images from other programs into PowerPoint graphics

I cover the first method here.

Article continued here

This excerpt is shared with permission from ellenfinkelstein.com.

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