Windows Secrets Newsletter: A small holiday — from patching

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By Susan Bradley/Windows Secrets Newsletter

Those of us in a holiday state of mind are lucky to have a light patching week.

If you’re feeling especially thankful — or you need a break from watching endless football — donate a little time to ensuring PCs of friends and family are up to date.


Root certificates get another revocation

On Nov. 10, we had an out-of-cycle update that revoked Digisign Server ID (Enrich) root certificates issued by Entrust.NET Certification Authority and GTE CyberTrust Global Root. The update placed these certificates in the revoked certificate store on all supported Windows operating systems.

Six days later, Microsoft rereleased KB 2641690 (via its Windows Software Update Server) to fix deployment problems on Windows XP x64 and Windows Server 2003 systems.

We’ll likely see many more of these updates — removing and blocking certificates from our systems — in the future.

► What to do: If you haven’t already installed KB 2641690, do so now.

Here’s the rest of the story.

This post is excerpted with permission from Windows Secrets.

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