Windows Talk: Setting Up a Computer Home Network


By Windows Talk

Back in the old days, setting up a computer home network was unheard of. Normal home computer users simply did not have the equipment that was needed to set up a home network. Nowadays I do not know of any household that has not got a computer and an Internet connection, however some people still feel that setting up a computer home network is still out of reach.

Setting up a computer home network is probably cheaper and easier than you think. Of course you will still need a few things to complete this task, however you most probably do not need a computer technician to help you.

More than one computer

Of course if you want to set up a computer home network, you will need to computers to do this. Otherwise if you only have one computer you might as well just simply connect to the Internet. Setting up a home network allows you to share files and resources with other computers in your house. For example you might want to share a printer by adding a network printer and having it available to all computers on your network.

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