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by Rob Boirun for BurnWorld.com

Blu-Ray players have really come in to their own in the past few years. Blu-Ray technology provides the best sound and picture quality of any media format on the market. In spite of the great leap forward that Blu-Ray represents, there are still a good number of people who haven’t made the transition from traditional DVD players to the Blu-Ray format. Perhaps you are one of these holdouts or know someone who is. If so, read on to learn why the best time for upgrading from DVD to Blu-Ray is now.

One of the prime reasons that DVD users may have held back on immediately upgrading to Blu-Ray is the newness of the Blu-Ray format. As with any new technology, it takes time to transition from the old to the new. Fortunately, this transition period is now officially over. Every new movie that is released for the home market is now available on Blu-Ray. As time goes by and more people adopt Blu-Ray players as the new standard movie-watching medium, fewer movies will be released on DVD at all. Just as VHS faded away, so might DVDs. But with like all previous formats you can always convert old to new such as VHS to DVD and DVD to Blu-Ray.

HDTV and Blu-Ray Were Made For Each Other

The best reason to upgrade from DVD to Blu-Ray is that Blu-ray allows for films to be seen on HDTVs in supremely higher quality. HDTVs are capable of outputting far more impressive images and sounds than ordinary DVD players are able to handle. Connecting an old fashioned DVD player to a modern HD television severely limits image quality as well as sound quality. Switching to Blu-Ray from DVD enables viewers to watch films in the way which they were intended to be watched; in full glorious high definition.

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4 thoughts on “BurnWorld.com: Blu-Ray Worth the Upgrade?

  1. I’m all for blue-ray when it offers the features I have with dvd. where is the variable slow motion?stop frame?single frame advance?
    Seems like another gives you less for more $
    If and when blu-ray catches up with dvd I’ll
    be at the head of the line to get one.

    • My player, a Samsung BD-C6800, does all 3 with a 1080P 24Hz Blu-ray disc, in this case Night At The Museum 2. Step frame, just press pause while paused, each press of pause advances 1 frame. Slo-mo, pause then press fast forward. Slo-mo isn’t fully variable speed but you can select 1/8th, 1/4th, and 1/2 speed.

      BTW these commands are identical to my GE stereo (6 head Hi-Fi) VCR, and I paid the same amount for the Blu-ray player as I did for the VCR, $120.

  2. Blu-ray is most definitely worth it, it has 6x the pixels and 6x bit-rate of DVD.

    As Bryan said though, some encodes aren’t that good, hence why I research a title on blu-ray.com before purchase, it shows important specs such as bit-rate, single (25Gb) or dual (50Gb) layer, and encoding.

    If a title is in AVC encoded on a 50 gig disk and has good reviews for picture quality, by all means jump on it, if it is a VC-1 or MPEG2 encode on a 25 gig disk and has bad reviews, skip it.

    For instance there were 2 Blu-ray releases of The Fifth Element, the first one used the DVD master and was crap, then they released a remastered version and it looks gorgeous,

    The Wizard Of Oz looks awesome on Blu too, heck you can actually see every individual square on Dorothy’s plaid dress, though lots of the stretchers and zoomers that like to watch a mutilated picture will wonder how there is a 4×3 Blu-ray movie.

    I loaded up on Blu-ray movies on black Friday at Wal-Mart, I got 13 of them for $90, every one a good encode.

  3. yes blu-ray is a better quality if all the
    mastering parameters are met during the movie
    mastering, however this is not the case at all,
    I myself buy only dvd releases and use them with an OPPO dv-983 upscaling player, viewed
    on my 50 inch plasma a samsung, most people
    assume its blu-ray! the image quality is that good! so no you do not have to have a blu-ray player at all, save your money and stick with dvd for the forseable future

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