8 Useful Shortcut Keys Using The “Windows” Button [Windows 7]


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If you’re a rather busy person like me, every single second you waste throws pennies down the drain. Those pennies gather up over a year, so making yourself more efficient at what you do on your computer should be at the top of your list. If you lose 2 cents for every second you lose and you waste 2 minutes of the day moving your mouse instead of pressing quick shortcut keys, that’s $864 every year you’ll never recover — almost one grand! Even if you don’t make money on your computer, think of how much time you can save to do other things like reading a book or playing ball with your kid that always complains about you being such a busy beaver.

1. Win + Tab (similar to Alt + Tab)

Many of you know that you can press the “Alt + Tab” shortcut key to switch between windows, but perhaps a few of you don’t know that you can press the “Windows Logo + Tab” key (next to the “Alt” key) for a similar effect, only more aesthetically pleasing. Some may argue that this is slower than using the mouse, and while I still use my mouse, I’ve heard of people who have trained themselves to use this feature with much better timing than others would with a mouse. If not for speed, at least you can enjoy the beautiful switching effect when you use the “Win” key, which lives totally up to its name.

If you’re really bored, just hold down both keys continuously. You’ll see the screen just cycle between windows endlessly in a marching parade of dialogs and text. I confess I’ve done this numerous times while waiting for a press release.

2. Win and + / –

If you’re coming of age, you might be bothered by the inability to comfortably read unmagnified text in a window. In that case, perhaps you already know of the “Ctrl” and “plus” key combination. If you don’t, jot it down. This also comes useful. “Ctrl + Plus” magnifies the window you’re currently in, depending on whether the program recognizes that combination or not. You can’t magnify all windows with this combination, though. Use the “Windows Logo” key mentioned earlier in place of the “Ctrl” key to magnify your entire screen.

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