PowerPoint Tips: 2 ways to export PowerPoint text


By Ellen Finkelstein

Have you ever wanted to export all of the text in a presentation? There are several reasons for doing this:

* To repurpose the text to a report or other document

* To give a presentation a makeover, starting with just the text

* To use as notes during delivery

If all of your text is in text placeholders

If, and only if, all of the text is in text placeholders, this is an easy task. In PowerPoint 2003, choose File>Send To>Microsoft Office Word. In PowerPoint 2007, choose Application button> Publish> Create Handouts in Microsoft Office Word. In PowerPoint 2010, choose File> Save & Send> Create Handouts> Create Handouts.

In the dialog box that opens, choose the Outline Only option and click OK. Word opens with your text. You can now reformat it in any way you want.

If you have text in text boxes and shapes

But what if you have text in text boxes and shapes? You may need this text as well. In fact, this may be just the text that you’re trying to reformat.

First, look at my dummy presentation, which I created with labels to help me troubleshoot any problems.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from ellenfinkelstein.com.

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