Bits from Bill Pytlovany: WinPatrol 2012 – Long Time Coming


By Bill Pytlovany

It’s been a while but I’m pleased to finally release a brand new version of WinPatrol to all our friends and fans. Over the past year malware has gotten very clever but what’s worse is that legitimate programs have become more controlling and obnoxious. Some of the most popular applications have decided they know what’s best for you and try to take control of simple functions on your computer.

New and Improved

While I’ve continued to work keeping your computer safe from malware I’ve spent as much time giving you control over what legitimate programs can do. If you notice your computer is slow it may not be malware. In many cases it will be a popular program that thinks it needs to run all the time just in case you need to use it.

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This post is excerpted with Bill’s permission from his blog

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