PowerPoint Tips: Best PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts


By Ellen Finkelstein

I follow several LinkedIn groups related to PowerPoint and presenting (and started one of my own, Great Communicators! Effective Presenting & PowerPoint). Sometimes, you can find gems of useful information. The PowerPoint Stuff group (which was started by Geetesh Bajaj, owner of Indezine.com) has been running a great discussion on PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts, so I thought I’d put them all together here. Plus, I added a few of my own. I’ll continue to update this post as new shortcuts come in.

Windows shortcuts

These shortcuts apply to all Windows programs and you probably know them already, but if not, you should. They’ll make your work go a lot faster than using the menu or ribbon!

Copy (to clipboard) Ctrl+C
Cut Ctrl+X
Paste Ctrl+V
Save Ctrl+S
Open Ctrl+O
Print Ctrl+P
Alt+Tab Displays an icon for each open application. Press and hold Alt while repeatedly tapping the Tab key to cycle through them. Release the Alt key to display that program.
Alt+Esc Cycles through open applications without displaying the icons.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from ellenfinkelstein.com.

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