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by Rob Boirun for BurnWorld.com

If anything is guaranteed to get the tech world buzzing it is a new release from the guys at Apple. The next big event on the cards for 2012 is the launch of the next generation iPad. Here we go again!

Although there is no official word from Apple about the launch date experts are predicting that the iPad3 will hit the shelves in the second quarter of the year.

What is All the Fuss About?

The battle for the mobile computing market is growing bloodier every year. Apple currently dominate the market share with the iPad and iPad 2 still raking in big money every month. However, other manufacturers are hitting back furiously and have released some very competitive products in recent months. Samsung is also due to release the Galaxy Tab in 2012 which shows great promise and the next generation of Acer Iconia tablets are set for release in the same year.

The iPad 3 will have to be something very special to retain Apple’s hold on the market share and Apple fans and critics are eagerly waiting to see just what prize winner is next out of the Apple stables.

iPad 3 Features:

The iPad is the bestselling tablet on the market, bar none. The sleek design and usability set the bar high for other manufacturers and created a functional and aesthetically pleasing tablet device that quickly become a cult hit.

There have been several product rumours and announcements surrounding the iPad 3 that give us just a taster of what may be to come:

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