Dodge Retort: Waiting for Verizon Wireless 4G in my neighborhood

By John Dodge

VW 4G territory is in dark red. Blue arrow points to where I live.

The Samsung Charge is the second 4G phone Verizon Wireless (VW) has given me to review and my experience was much like the first 4G phone I reviewed – uncertain.

That’s because 4G remains 16-18 miles from my home. So I tested it a couple of times as I neared 4G territory closer to Boston. And 4G is much faster and I would probably spring for if it covered more territory . But I won’t deny my frustration with 3G. Most of the time, 3G will not do a credible job downloading videos so I don’t bother. Sometimes they work. Most of the time, 3G is too slow to be practical (of course, you never know whether it’s the speed of the Internet or the phone’s video processor – many times, the latter I suspect).

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