Windows Talk: 3 Types Of Computer Security


By Mitz for Windows Talk

Computer security experts recognize three different types of computer security—physical security, network security, and executable security. Each different type has it’s own risks and it’s own implementations.

It All Starts With Physical Computer Security

Physical computer security is the most basic type of computer security and also the easiest to understand. In short, anyone who has physical access to the computer controls it. Passwords, hidden files, and other safeguards can’t keep out a determined attacker forever if he can physically access your computer.
Computer hosting companies take physical computer security very seriously—they hire guards, use secure doors, and even put computers on military bases or deserted islands just to keep them safe.

But most average people pay very little attention to physical computer security. For example, they put private files on their office computers—computers they leave unattended for 16 hours every weekday. Or they hand their computer with illegal files over to a computer repair technician without thinking that anyone who can fix a computer can access all of their files.

The same applies for External Hard Drives Security. It is ignored completely but people continue to store precious files on these devices and then proceed to leave them laying around for anyone to grab.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from Windows Talk.

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