Techlicious: Two-Thirds of All Tweets Bore or Annoy


By Alex Porter for Techlicious

Ever wonder just how much your Twitter followers are really getting out of your relentless updates? Chances are that most of the time your tweets are met with a shrug of indifference or downright irritation, according to a new study by a group of researchers from Carnegie Mellon, MIT and Georgia Tech.

The researchers built a website called Who Gives a Tweet and let users anonymously rate tweets of people they already follow. Part of their goal is to understand what we like and why. This will help in building technology that can filter and refine social networking communications. So for 19 days in December and January, 1,443 visitors rates 43,738 tweets from 2,014 accounts. The results? Many of the updates n the twittersphere just aren’t worth reading.

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This post is excerpted with permission from Techlicious.

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