How to Use Local Users and Groups in Windows XP

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We will see how to use local users and groups on a Windows XP machine. local users and groups manages users and groups of users for your computer. You can create new users and groups, add or remove users to groups, reset passwords, and also disable user accounts.

You can even manage users and groups on remote computers on your network if you are an administrator.

Manage local users and groups

In order to do all of this we need to access the the computer management console.

1. Go to the start menu at the bottom.

2. Click on control panel.

3. Click performance and maintenance.

4. Go to administrator tools.

5. Double Click on the computer management icon. This will open the computer management console.

6. Click on local users and groups in the left menu and you will see to folders on the right. They will be labelled users and groups. See the screenshot below.

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