BurnWorld.com: Samsung Galaxy Note vs Apple iPhone 4S

by Rob Boirun for BurnWorld.com

Last week we took a look at the iPad 3 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6. Today, here is a comparision between the Samsung Galaxy Note and the iPhone 4S.

Gone are the days when a minute change in the hardware, a tweak in the design and a new fancy name was all companies needed to woo the buyers. Nowadays people have become more tech-savvy and do considerable research before spending their hard earned money. They want features and technology which are new as well as useful and only when the product fulfils their requirement do they pull out their credit cards (Don’t use credit cards? Hassle free online shopping, no interest EMIs, the list goes on… )

Two of world’s greatest mobile manufacturers- Samsung and Apple who usually take their customers seriously came up with two cell phones which set new standards for the phones to come- The iPhone 4S and the Galaxy note. Let us now compare these two models.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from burnworld.com.

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